Taken for Granite

By: - Aug 04, 2015



fingers curl
in a crack
in the granite
under a twenty knot
breeze keeps you
from overheating
while the dog drinks
from an overturned
sandcastle making toy
in the crack
in the granite
this Monday
after noon

at nine and seven
the brothers are beginning
to separate the younger
enthusiastic Let's go to Marge's
pick tomatoes swim in the pit
finds a pair of sunglasses
a frisbee a big soft snowsled
for riding in the water
loses the last two
in a twenty knot southwesterly
most blessed in the August
heat and humidity
talks about Five Hour
Energy loved being high
on three bowls full
of Froot Loops which
he says are one hundred
per cent sugar
curious about Marge's work
as artist and professor
sees the studio
is more intrigued
by the lump under the rug
where the leaking dehumidifier
soaked the underliner
as is the Jack Russell
throws dog toys in the pit
tries to steal from Coco
manages greater speed
while the elder
following thirteen year olds
welcomed by them
into last spot
first teaseable
the younger still with
Mum Dad Nana Sata
as evening clouds gather
over adults at the end
of the beach day
hoping not to need
to water gardens
the younger home
with Dad
the elder meeting
two Daves who grew
up with played
hockey with Dad
having a bit of trouble
with the two surnames
still has to check
with Sata
who played softball
with the mum
of one of the Daves
the other Dave
I bet you did!

Melissa de Haan Cummings
3 August 2015