ArtWeek Berkshires

September 16-26, 2021

By: - Aug 04, 2021


Wylie Goodman

I am writing to invite artists you know to participate in ArtWeek Berkshires (September 16-26, 2021), a county-wide event that brings art, music, dance, theater, craft, writing, film, and more to residents and visitors eager to see and experience “ live and virtually “ what makes Berkshire County special.

ArtWeek Berkshires is a collaboration among Berkshire County’s five cultural districts (Great Barrington, Lenox, Pittsfield, North Adams, Williamstown), supported by 1Berkshire and the Berkshire Regional Planning Commission, with media support from Berkshire Magazine and Lamar.

In our second year hosting ArtWeek Berkshires, we believe audiences are more excited than ever to experience the arts in new ways that entertain, move, and inspire.

We are especially eager to host Artist Open Studios, which offer visitors a chance to see not only what artists produce but the places that inspire their creative process. To make this year’s ArtWeek Berkshires shine, we are inviting EVERY town in Berkshire County to participate and reaching out to solicit your participation, as well as encouraging local creatives you know to join us to showcase their town's creative economy.

Creative people and organizations who may not know about ArtWeek Berkshires or have not yet registered by our August 13th submission deadline can still participate.*

The link to register is here.

We can accept submissions up until a week before September 16th, but for artists to get maximum exposure from promotional efforts, early submission is strongly encouraged.

The towns currently represented in ArtWeek Berkshires include: Town # of Artist Submissions Adams 1 Sandisfield 1 Stockbridge 2 West Stockbridge 2 Egremont 1 Williamstown 5 Great Barrington 4 Pittsfield 7 Lenox 6 North Adams 11

If you have questions about the event or would like more information about how to engage creative stakeholders, please do not hesitate to reach out to us for more information. In the meantime, you can also spread the word to general audiences and your artist colleagues by following 1Berkshire on social media and/or using the hashtags: #ArtWeekBerkshires #CreativityLivesHere #InTheBerkshires #BerkshireOpenStudios.

Thank you for making Berkshire County a cultural beacon for Massachusetts. Sincerely, Elizabeth Nelson / Lindsey Schmid 1Berkshire Laura Brennan / Wylie Goodman Berkshire Regional Planning Commission Cultural District Representatives Great Barrington “ Chris Rembold / Karin Watkins Lenox “ Jes Cote / Jenn Nacht / Cassandra Sohn North Adams “ Suzy Helme / Arthur De Bow Pittsfield “ Jennifer Glockner Williamstown “ Sue Briggs / Cecilia Hirsch Jacob’s Pillow.