Sohn Fine Art in Lenox Presents Wonderland

Photography of the Natural Landscape

By: - Aug 04, 2022

Lenox, MA—Sohn Fine Art presents Wonderland, a small group show featuring ethereal, mystical photography of the natural landscape by five diverse artists. The exhibition is on view July 22 – September 5. The images that make up Wonderland are both based in reality and surrealistic. Focused on experience and presented in an Impressionistic form, these works highlight the wonders of the natural world and the human connection to it.

 Valda Bailey is a freelance photographer living in Sussex, England. Her approach to photography is informed by her background in painting, and her influences come as much from artists working in that medium as photography. Largely motivated by color and form, Bailey’s impressionistic photographs have a clear tension and dynamism, as she looks to push the boundaries of what photography is about. She strives to produce work that has movement and energy. Portraying an interpretation of a scene rather than a literal representation, Bailey makes her images using in-camera multiple exposure and ICM (intentional camera movement)—two techniques that help to create abstract shapes and painterly strokes. Learn more about her work at

The landscape images created by Saskia Boelsums, both overwhelming and picturesque, all have their own signature. They reveal the beauty of the landscape, the pale reflection of the moonlight on a frozen puddle, the golden glow of a cornfield in late summer, an almost transparent green wave in a gray, turbulent sea. Boelsums, who feels a strong connection to the work of landscape painters such as Van Gogh, Van Ruisdael, Constable, and Turner, considers herself to be a visual artist with a camera, who makes the atmosphere of the photographed landscapes tangible to the viewer. She was born in the Netherlands and grew up in Iran and Curaçao, and studied spatial and graphic design at the Art Academy in Holland. Her work has won a number of awards and has been exhibited around the world, including in London, Berlin, Moscow, New York, and Amsterdam. She lives in Nieuw-Schoonebeek in the Netherlands. Learn more about her work at 

 Neil Burnell is a multi-award winning photographer from Devon in the southwest of England. His career in graphic design has given him a unique style, and his eye for perfection has led to great success. Among many other awards, he was named Landscape Photographer of the Year in 2020 and World Landscape Photographer in 2020. Burnell’s work provides a timely reminder that the UK is still blessed with pockets of unique wilderness, and that it must be protected. He recently released his latest book, Mystical, which he describes as “a photographic and spiritual journey through the eerie and timeless woods that nestle in the granite arms of Dartmoor National Park.” Learn more about his work at

 Lee Jeong Lok explores the diversity and spirit of the Korean landscape and national identity with nonspecific, dreamlike photographs that reveal the invisible yet essential elements of a scene. Created using long-exposure photography and both natural and artificial light, the “Tree of Life” series features seemingly bioluminescent trees, which illuminate the hidden vitality of the natural world. By melding the natural with the artificial, and the organic with the geometric, Lee visualizes the powerful yet imperceptible forces around us. His work has been widely exhibited, from Korea to Russia, Japan, and England. Learn more about his work at

 Born and raised in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains of Santa Fe, New Mexico, Cassandra Sohn calls the Berkshires of Western Massachusetts home. She owns and is the director of Sohn Fine Art in Lenox, MA. Classically trained in the arts from an early age, she is a graduate of the New School in Manhattan. Sohn experimented with many mediums and discovered her passion for photography in her early twenties. Sohn’s most recent body of work “Water” was created utilizing multiple long exposures made in-camera. The photographs are printed on watercolor paper and hand worked with pastel and pencil. They are ethereal and dreamlike, abstracting our sense of place and questioning the edge between the real and unreal. In the process of producing the work, she became acutely aware of how turbulence and peacefulness can co-exist. Learn more about her work at

?Sohn Fine Art was founded in Lenox, Massachusetts, in 2011 by photographer and curator Cassandra Sohn. The gallery specializes in contemporary photography and is dedicated to the development, promotion, and exhibition of innovative contemporary artworks by international and local artists. Sohn Fine Art’s mission is to promote broader understanding of, and community engagement with, photographic mediums through exhibitions, lectures, and workshops. Sohn Fine Art’s annual Master Artist Series Program hosts world-class photographers. In addition to the gallery, Sohn Fine Art specializes in producing creative projects, including fine art printing and framing. Sohn is a renowned fine-art curator for both public museums and private collectors. Learn more and contact the gallery at Follow Sohn Fine Art on Facebook and Instagram.

Valda Bailey, Saskia Boelsums, Neil Burnell, Lee Jeong Lok, Cassandra Sohn
July 22 – September 5


69 Church Street, Lenox, MA

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