Sweet Feat

By: - Aug 04, 2023

Sweet Feat

From the west to the east they came again

Navigators of Cape Ann

Anchored off Long Beach

Twin Lights and Milk Island in their scope

Whales silently passing beneath the window


Once a mariner the cane steadies a fast blow

He stands and waits as did so many

Watching her comb the beach


A book replaces the main sheet

Transported to impressionist Paris  

The elixir of seaweed and kelp subdue

Eyes bat shut in narcotic sea-reverie


Headlands, coves, breakwaters, bridges, pastures

Fields of dandelions, buttercups, bluets

Mark the time of early May

Before tourists plunder

Guised to commemorate the 1623 intruders


Takes courage to plunge into waters unknown but

Wounds need healing

Weight baring timbers softened and caressed

The halo of green gauze nods to

Feet so sweet.