Susan Lyman and Leslie Wilcox

To Exhibit Weathered Wood at Boston Sculptors

By: - Aug 12, 2021

It is serendipitous that Susan Lyman and Leslie Wilcox, longtime friends, were randomly scheduled to show together at Boston Sculptors Gallery, 486 Harrison Ave, Boston, MA 02118,  (November 3 – December 5, 2021).  

For many years and especially in this long period of Covid-19 isolation, Susan and Leslie have spent many days independently walking the beaches and woods of Cape Cod, Susan in Provincetown (and other far flung places), and Leslie in Brewster.  Confirmed tree huggers, they have been scavenging for weathered or fallen wood – wood that has been cut down by extreme weather events, pummeled by wind, water, salt, sand, or succumbed to insects or the work of a woodpecker or a beaver.

Something tangible is harbored in the wood that they bring home. The history of broken or nearly rotten remnants of root, trunk, and branch might hold a message, an omen, a fragile hope, a song, a body, an emotion, even beauty.  In this prolonged period of reflection, Leslie and Susan, each in their own way, react to the overlooked and discarded detritus coughed up by nature’s forces, and work the material to make it anew.  In unique ways both artists address themes of the rapid devastation of the world’s forests through manmade climate change, as we experience the melting polar ice cap, more severe drought, forest fires and storms, and rising sea levels.

The attached 2 artist's statements and folders are a preview of work to be exhibited by Lyman and Wilcox.

Susan Lyman