Wines From Argentina Under $9.99

Ruca Malen Introduces The Aime Collection

By: - Aug 14, 2017

On a trip to Argentina, I had the pleasure of visiting Bodega Ruca Malen and was let in on a secret. Our tour leader brought us into a space where the winemaker and staff were experimenting with various blends of Malbec, Bonarda, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. Their goal was to come up with wines that have flavor profiles that appeal to the younger generation; brighter, approachable and food friendly.

Well, that was in 2014 and now it's 2017.  Ruca Malen has just introduced the AIME series of affordable, bright wines that are food friendly with hip packaging that is easy on the eyes. Add a screw top and pricing under $9.99 a bottle to the scenario and you have the making of success.

The wines…
The Red Blend 2016 Aime
A blend of Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Bonarda.
The result-a flavorful, somewhat spicy wine that tastes closer to the high end wines Ruca Malen is known for.

Malbec 2016
100% Malbec Aime
A very balanced wine that lacks tannins and focuses on both vanilla and chocolate with concentrated red and black fruit that steals the show.

Sweet Moscato 2016 Aime
This 7.5% light alcohol white wine tempts the palate with its crisp, citrus flavor and subtle sweetness. It worked for me as both an aperitif and an after dinner drink. I am guessing Indian food would pair perfectly.

These wines were made for younger drinkers who were specifically looking for full-bodied, approachable and versatile wines, according to Federico Ruiz, U.S. Sales Manager for Ruca Malen. He went on to say that our wine culture embraces friendship and good times. Aime’s goal is to capture the genuine joy (alegria) when friends get together.

Best said by Ruca Malen-on the back of each bottle-Aime (pronounced eye-MAY) is inspired by genuine experiences and a zest for life. "Our wines deliver pure flavorand pleasure, best paired with friendship and good times."

The goal was making wines for younger drinkers. With many years of experience and certainly an older drinker by age, these wines were introduced to my peers, who are all seniors and serious wine drinkers.

Unanimously, the Aime Wine Collection won their admiration.