Living a Daoist Life In Today's World

Fall Course Offering

By: - Aug 14, 2023

This fall, beginning after Labor Day, I will be offering a new course entitled "Living a Daoist Life In Today's World."  The course will be 20 classes long and will include study of the Dao de Ching, The Law Of The Heart, and The 49 Barriers To Spiritual Growth.  Each of these is an ancient Daoist scripture, and was part of my training and life at the Five Immortals Temple in China.

If this is of interest to you, and you want to learn more, you will find further information about the course on my website here:

Those of you who have already studied with me know of these scriptures, and those of you who have studied me the longest have examined them with me as you walk your own spiritual path in life.  I have decided to expand my teaching to include these subjects in a course dedicated specifically to them.  I thought that those of you who studied only taiji with me might be interested in expanding your familiarity with them.  Those subscribers who have not studied with me yet might find this an easy entry point for Daoist studies.

As I have said many times, I do not teach so much what I know as I teach what I live.  This course will give me an opportunity to put proof to those words.  All classes are inside, too, and not subject to weather whims.