By: - Aug 20, 2019

Summah Meals

Eatin good all summah
Corn picked that day
Sweet as can be
Buckets of tamatahs
Seconds so they say
Eight bucks a pop
Nigh on bunch of pounds
Busted up ones for sauce
Last batch real good
Sliced each night
Right nice platter
Rimmed with crispy cukes
Steamed beans tonight
Some for suppah
Rest with vinaigrette
For another night
Lest we forget
Running off to theatre
Seein all them shows
Hardly can digest
No time for wine
Sleepin through shows
Hard nuf to stay awake
Just on its own
Theatre bein what it is nowadays
Whatall or whatever
Nigh on end of August though
Finally getting slow
Not rushin to an fro
Like tonight it seems
Love that summah eatin
Even some swimmin
Fore pond freezes over
Right after Labor Day
Snow sets in but
Cool nights good for
Sleepin perchance to dream
Seniors got nothin to do
Ceptin stayin alive
More or less
No more book learnin
Knows what’s I knows
Old dog with tricks
Good enough for me
Mississippi goddam