Cheepah by tha Duzen

By: - Aug 23, 2020


Nearin endah August
Eatin off the land
So good out heah
In tha Berkshires
Lotsah fahm stands
This one in Williamstown
The fahmah's wife
Selling cahn
Nigh on endah day
Getting round suppah time
Most places buy six
Haf duzen
Get one free
Seemin as
May be a bummah
That happens yah know
Cahn bein cahn
It is what it is
Not here though
No divididends
Get what yah pay fah
Six or even seven
Don't work out
Seemin as thems
Better get eight
Two each tonight
Same tamarah
Though never quite as good
Second night
Nuthin beats right outah field.
How muchis eight
I says real slow and easy.
That'll be five bucks
And anutha five cents
I giver a fin
Then digging down
A quatah
Now I'm specktin
Twenty cents
Best two dimes
Not a penny less
I says real Mafioso style
Me bein Sicilian and such
Tony Soprano like
Friggin cheap it seems
What with scrounging
For them nickle
What ain't worth nothin
Really dude
Try to buy sumpin fer
Just five cents
The cheapskate Yankees
Even in posh Williamstown
Them folk just aint
Got no danged manners
Cahn real good though
Havtah givem that

For Pip