Root Beer

Beach Bunnies

By: - Aug 25, 2015


Root Beer

Look!  I'll put it in my mouth
and it will come out my nose
Tips crown of head toward sand
He's spitting it out of his mouth
I'll put it in my ear and see
if it comes out my nose
No  Doesn't work
It may get stuck in there

The beach is mysterious
Fog hides the island
the north facing houses
retreats to a dark gray line
just above the sea's horizon
In the soft sand sun feels hot
looks pale
The concession is closed
Gulls are busy
Island and houses reappear
Breakers tint the fog white
Fog retreats in slim dark lines
east beyond ocean
which has colored itself
solid blues and greens
no more fog pale
silhouetted people
as if the heat of sun on sand
warms even fog lifts it
returns it over the sea

Isn't it beautiful?
I just love . . .
It most definitely is

Click click click
is a beach chair
under an old lady's arm

Sea is gray again
Fog rolling up the low creek
Breakers bathers sun bunnies

Heels of hands together
catching a ball clamlike

Three children trail
after one another
munching on snacks
from bags
A gull follows

Melissa de Haan Cummings
24 August 2015