Little Richard

Those Fabulous Fifties

By: - Aug 25, 2016

Little Richard
The '50s when
Rock was young
So was I
In the mirror
Primp and pomp
Before the prom
Squeezing zits
Squish splash
Stack of 45s
Life of the party
Buddy Holly
Fats Domino
Chuck Berry
Bo Diddley
The kicker
Little Richard
Tutti Frutti
Shrill wail
Twist your frail
That crazy hair
Standing at piano
Not sitting down
Like Van Cliburn
Wild child
Sex machine
Got religion
Went straight
More or less
Maybe not
Caught him
Hanging with
Ron Wood
Still wicked cool
In shades
Dash of red
Sweating head
Feeling the heat
Flames of fame
Rock inferno
Up in smoke
Slipin and a slidin
My generation