North Adams Artist Peggy Schiffer

On Tap for Blue Heron Virtual Exhibition

By: - Aug 29, 2021

SchifferNolandStudio will be the featured artist for the September/October show with Blue Heron Gallery Online. The show will run from September 13 until October 14, and all pieces shown will be available for purchase directly from the show.

Peggy Schiffer and Sam Noland are the two-person collaborative known as SchifferNolandStudio, and their creative practice includes photography, digital media, painting, and other elements. She is no stranger to the northern Berkshires area, having graduated from Bennington College in Bennington, Vermont.

“Sometimes a work combines all of these processes or a couple of them, and sometimes it involves just one process. Sometimes a work is revisited and revised over a period of years, or it may be made in fewer passes. Either way, we work in series, and the series themselves often extend overtime,” Schiffer wrote.

Schiffer has always been around and aware of art since very early childhood. She holds degrees in art and art history, as well as a varied and fascinating career that included work at the United Nations. Her son, Sam, has been around art since birth: looking, listening, being in the studio, helping, occasionally picking up a camera, always observing. He is currently exploring drone photography.

Some of the art chosen for the show will tell a story in pictures; other pieces will be examples of her abstract painting. The show is entitled “On The Way To What Matters,” and will run for 30 days. As always, the show will include a Meet The Artist page with casual and studio pictures, as well as more information about this dynamic team and their art.

Future Virtual Art Shows

Artists interested in showing their work with Blue Heron Gallery Online are invited to contact the Gallery by writing to North. The Gallery also offers a variety of artist support services, including website development, copywriting and promotional work with email marketing and social media campaigns.