The New Agit Prop

American Repertory Theatre

By: - Sep 01, 2021

Harvard's American Repertory Theatre has announced the fall season.

It was a long and richly detailed press release. The following embedded statement seemed out of context with information about the coming season.

Extracted it indicates the evolution of cutting edge contemporary theater.

The answer my friends is blowin' in the wind.


We hold the institution and each other responsible and accountable for living our shared values. There is no hierarchy to these values; they are all equally important and interrelated. We acknowledge that as an institution we must devote time to implementing and sustaining these values:


We center anti-racism 

Habituate anti-racist practices in our policies, structure and culture.


We lead with inquiry

Ask questions in a spirit of brave curiosity in our never-ending journey of learning and growth


We believe in collaboration

Work together with trust and respect to unlock collective creativity


We practice adaptability

Challenge assumptions and create capacity to support “next” practices


We embrace regenerative practice

Promote the health and vitality of our planet, our organization, and each other