Soft Corduroy

Here Comes the Sun

By: - Sep 06, 2015


Soft Corduroy

Sunrise red
paints the topside
of a white cabin cruiser

Tide so high
the granite pillow
is threatened
have to clump
the beach towel

Riding in the canoe
What's your favorite boat?
Not the guy
The boat
O  Mine is Flying Finn
Those are my favorite colors
Green and red
What's your favorite color?
I knew that
Because I love the sun?
Because you have a nice tan
sort of yellow in it

Close two windows facing north
two facing east wear jeans
and a yellow sweatshirt
scale a cliff at Steel Derrick
ride a long path following
a large plastic pipe
climb the bluff by the end
where the pipe stops
over a hollow of damp leaves
see Granite Street and ocean
take a water break
on the long climb back

Reverse moguls
on Johnson Road
Step on a pedal
raise tusch
soften elbows

Sky the ball
between the ash
and the high bush
pop up practise

Half a dozen birds flick
between window and sun
speeding shadows

Dog spots a patch of sun
walks over to examine
thinks too cool
or too small
returns to soft

Head in sun
legs overhead
in shoulder stand
then toes touch floor
knees bend
in meditation

Debbie's over there
That's why I'm here
She said you're always busy
What are you doing?
Enjoying a beer in the sun

A cricket on the rocky shore
a path obscured
by knee high goldenrod
an oriental man in lotus
silky black back
against a granite block
friendly to chihuahuas

Yellow sun through the gap
in the breakwater
from ruffled to still water
turning orange
as it passes the west wall
with its half dozen people
in silhouette
turning red
through the full green trees
by the cemetery

Melissa de Haan Cummings
4 September 2015