Gloucester Movie Night

Dating Au Pair

By: - Sep 07, 2016

Movie Night

Met au pair
Light House Beach
Kind of cute
Night off
On a date
Baby sitting Pip
Nine years younger
Just a squirt
Took her along
Bus by village church
Downtown Gloucester
Two choices
North Shore
Sort of OK
Strand not so
Bad end of town
B Movies
Sprung for tickets
Hard earned wages
Yacht club restaurant
Pop corn as well
House of Wax
Early 3-D
Vincent Price
Hamming it up
Back to her house
Parked Pip on a swing
In the dark
It’s OK I said
Don’t worry
Hush up
Made out nearby
In the woods
Heard soft sobs
I'm a scared
Still reminds me
Freaked that night
Just a little kid
After all these years
Big Brother
Night on Bald Mountain
After the movies