Vincent's Crib

Retreat by the Sea

By: - Sep 09, 2016

Vincent’s Crib

The room
Not Enormous
Like e.e. Cummings
More medium
Vincent Ferrini’s
Poet Laureate of Gloucester
Week in his studio
Gloucester Writers Center
Surrounded by books
Astrid making new ones
Unique cutouts
From her images
Reading Maximus
Olson’s epic poem
Like Cantos of Pound
In their form
But more Ten Pound Island
Twin Lights
Than ancient China
Deranged Fascist
Friend of Mussolini
Living in Venice
Falling into lagoons
Oceans inspired them
Lap of waves
Surging tides of March
Ancient oracles
Olson’s Pilgrims and Algonquins
First Nation
Robbed of all but
Indelible names
Where we dined
With Pip, Yuri and Sarah
At The Yacht Club
Founded in 1896
Still hovering
Over wetlands
The river separating
Cape Ann from America
Its roads to urban hell
An artist's retreat
To think and dream
Sucking up salt air
We breathe with
Oceans of inspiration