Adams Ale House

An Extreme Makover of Spacious Venue

By: - Sep 13, 2013

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Adams Ale House
8-10 East Hoosac St.
Adams, MA 0122
Beer and Ale menu

On a Thirsty Thursday we popped into the Adams Ale House a stone’s throw from St. Stans in Adams, Mass.

With a reported $200,000 in renovations the former home of a Polish community center, bowling alley and bar has undergone an extreme makeover. Which is ongoing.

The friendly waitress said that the bowling alley is being ripped up, too expensive to repair, and being replaced by a stage for live music and dancing. That sounds like fun as there are too few such places in the Berkshires. It has a potential draw from nearby Williams and MCLA or at least those old enough to legally drink.

It is already proving to be a hangout for locals.

The large space so far is clean and generic. Nothing fancy and lots of big flat screen TVs. On our night tuned to the Patriots and Jets.

There is seating next to the bar with a number of beers and ales on tap.

Adjoining is a spacious dining room which was empty.

The food is standard pub fare at affordable prices.

We went with the fish and chips at $12. 95 with an option for regular or sweet potato fries.

The waitress was able to respond to a request to grill the fish.

The portion of fish was most generous and satisfying. Really exceptional for the price.

As the name implies there were a number of ales on tap. I tried a domestic ale then a Scottish one. Both hit the spot. Too few American pubs offer decent ale. Often you have to explain to the waitress why it is different from larger. And that, no, I definitely do not want an IPA. Mostly what I crave is the kind of pint you get in a London pub. Soon I will get my wish.

While nothing special this new establishment is spacious, fresh and clean.

It’s a great place to meet with your mates for a great Boys or Girls Night Out.