'Fresh Grass' Festival Day One At Mass MoCa

Be There Or Be Square

By: - Sep 15, 2017

Every year at this time it is obvious to see the excitement grow in North Adams, Ma., home of Mass MoCa and the Annual 'Fresh Grass' Festival that opens its doors at 5:30 pm today.

Bring your lawn chair and a small umbrella for the festival's first day of activities. Tonight's line-up is an appetizer ready to be eaten before Saturday and Sunday's entree.

What is most appealing about Fresh Grass is that in every possible location within the newly enlarged museum space, music will take place. Its like walking into a video arcade-music bouncing off of each wall. The music you will hear has bluegrass roots, but, is played with such passion, the new age version resembles a montage of all of the sounds one has heard since reaching puberty.

I'm excited to share Friday's line-up. Stages are set-up in several locations and it would be wise to set-up your folding chair (better bring one) on Joe's Field, so, you can hear and see the 'Headline Entertainers.'

Friday's line-up begins immediately after the 5:30pm 'Gates Open' takes place.
5:30pm Emily Moran (Courtyard C)
6pm Sarah Jarosz  (Hunter Center)
6:10pm Jeb Barry & The Pawn Shop Saints (Courtyard C)
6:45pm The Buick Stops Here (Courtyard C)
7pm The Last Revel (Joe's Field)
7:30pm Emily Keener / Andrew Vogts (Courtyard C)
8pm The Brothers Comatose (Joe's Field)
8:30pm Cold Chocolate (Courtyard C)
9:05pm Railroad Earth (Joe's Field and the evenings headliner)
10:15pm The Whisky Treaty Roadshow (Courtyard C)
10:30pm The Lil' Smokies (Hunter Center)

If you are hungry, there are numerous food vendors, fair prices, beer, wine and coffee.
You are allowed to bring in water in a plastic bottle and food.

It's been a long wait for the locals, but, the wait has ended and the festival begins...