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Letter from the Publisher

By: - Sep 15, 2020

A Letter from the Publisher
September 2020
A few weeks ago a friend sent me a cartoon from The New Yorker. It depicted a fellow getting into a time machine. As he is about to select a destination year, his assistant blurts out “Remember, whatever you do, don’t go to 2020!” Well, I had a good laugh, until I started wishing I could time travel myself.

And yet despite 2020’s ceaseless challenges and trepidations, we remain optimistic that 2021 will be better. We know far too well that all of you have been impacted by COVID-19. We’ve watched friends and family members succumb—I lost my father to the virus in July. It’s been a time of self-reflection, anger, much sadness and still, for many, a stimulus for creativity and art-making.

The virus has been devastating for New Venture Media Group (NVMG), the parent company of Art New England. NVMG is also the New England publisher of Playbill and owner of Panorama and Theatrebill magazines. These company subsidiaries have suspended publication, most likely until spring 2021. It seems like all it took was the flick of a switch to shut down the arts in our region.

But here’s the good news. We will “unflick” that switch and are planning a return to print with a January/February 2021 issue of Art New England. In the interim, we are working on enhancing ANE’s website and adding a few exciting new features, including a “rolling” Artist Directory (updated every two weeks); and a “rolling” Destination: New England section dedicated to the entire region.

Exhibition, Guide to Schools & Workshops and Classified listings are already coming in for fall. Contact Rita Fucillo ( and Susan Baker ( or email for discounted online rate information and to submit your listing.

And to our advertisers specifically—thank you. In this moment, I think it’s important to stress that for more than 40 years, Art New England has been the definitive voice for contemporary art and culture in New England. The magazine has always supported itself through your loyalty over the years. We can’t wait to welcome you back and ask that you continue to support ANE’s website and to reserve early for January/February ’21.

2020 has also been a time of political upheaval and activism which has expressed itself artistically. Watch for new online content capturing this moment. (And please request your mail-in ballots if you haven’t already.)

We’re grateful for your support, ideas and, especially, your notes declaring "We’re still here!” And as we all figure out how to remain open, safely and strategically, let’s continue to support each other as best we can. You don’t need a time machine to predict how important that support will be in the future.

See you on the website, for now.

Tim Montgomery