What Of It

Well You Might Ask

By: - Sep 17, 2016

What Of  It

What’s to be done
Well you might ask
But why indeed
Edward Albee has died
Not afraid of
Him anymore
Fear eats itself
Isn’t that true Martha
Let’s all
Get the guests
Intruders on our
Such as it is
Ever muddled
By outsiders
Tramping on
Petunias of
Inner lives
Vast emptiness
Pretty vacant
Filling up with
Sand and mud
Mundane everyday
Measured in teaspoons
To and fro
Yo Michelangelo
Casual conversations
Meaningless encounters
Lives half lived
Plunged to earth
Icarus fallen
Into the sea
Washed ashore
Corpse on beach
Winged defeat
Of  Samothrace
Tropical island
Some place
Frenetic pace
Dim memory
In your face
Up yours muthah
What we thought
It might be
Sea to shining sea
When the sun
Never set
On you or me