Lost and Found

With a Photo Spoof

By: - Sep 18, 2015

When you’ve lost your set of keys
You, once again, realize the complexities in your life:
In order to copy a new key to my car
The dealer needs the car ID
And access to the car, to match a new computer code
With car and all existing keys.

In order to receive a new Post Office Box key
The price is more reasonable, yet high for a key-copy.
And how quickly can one receive a new key?
You have to make copies of all necessary house keys for a much lesser price,
And, as it turns out, loft keys as well
Realizing that it’s best to have more than one spare key each on hand.

Trying different doors to the house, it becomes apparent
That side and rear doors have separate keys, but which?
We do not use those doors to lock up when leaving,
Yet we need to know what keys fit the doors.
Do we? More time spent to investigate.

Then, there were the keys to our studio on my key chain.
Luckily, an extra mailbox key for that address is in reserve.
I wrecked my brain: The keys have to be in the house or on the property!
Going over and over the last steps before I put down my keys –
Or did I leave them in my jean’s pocket?
And dropped them outside in the grass
While bending down and picking flowers in the front flower beds?
Or asparagus fern way below the house near the woods?
I went searching for those keys time and again
Everywhere during the next three days inside and out.

And what other precaution must we take,
If someone else should find my set of keys close to the road?
The fact that there is no address attached is not much of a deterrent.
With a click of the car key, the door will open
And the car could be lost that day!
Then we and the house are also vulnerable.

Oh, that train of thought can go far!

I did not want to talk about lost keys
When Charles hinted to Pennie and Bob at an emergency
That had occurred the prior evening.
The event must proceed as planned and
I tried to put the matter out of my mind.
All friends contributed happily and generously to a few glorious hours.

Early the following day we went over all necessary steps
To remedy the key-situation or
‘Get me back on track,’ as Charles put it.
I called the garage, then the dealership and left messages,
Which were not returned.

While I was engaged in computer work
Charles walked into my room and
dangled my double key-chain in front of my eyes.
I grabbed them! Where did you find them? When did you find them?
No, you need not answer.
I was tremendously relieved, of course - and furious!
My keys were returned to me under murky circumstances -
And they are not priceless!