Bitches Brew

Miles Combed His Hair

By: - Sep 19, 2014


Bitches Brew


Lennie's on the Turnpike


Columbia's Sal Ingeme chasing after me

Miles wants to talk to you

Jive question

Months of research

Listening to all those albums

What was it like to blow with Bird


Raspy whisper

Such a drag to talk about the past


So what do you want to talk about

Did you hear the gig tonight

Michael Henderson, bass; Gary Bartz, horns; Jack de Johnette, drums; Keith Jarrett, piano; Chick Corea, piano; John McLaughlin, guitar

Looking in a mirror

Combed his hair

Seeing my reflection

No eye contact

You can help me

Ok Miles

I got Keith and Chick

Can’t keep em both

Who should I get rid of

I don’t know

Keeping Keith

Gives me more

Never talked about Bird

Musicians have something to say

Reasons why

Listen and learn

No script

For best interviews