2013 Conference by TransCultural Exchange

Engaging Minds Worldwide in Boston, October 10 – 13

By: - Sep 21, 2013


International Opportunities in the Arts: Engaging Minds
October 10-13
Presented by Transcultural Exchage
Boston University's College of Fine Arts, Academic Host

Still sitting on the fence? Or somehow you have not heard that a global conference by TransCultural Exchange is happening in Boston, October 10 – 13? It’s high time to sign up and do SIGN UP, because great things are happening:

Boston University is the 2013 host, and other area colleges and universities, among them Harvard University, MIT and North Eastern University, will also open their doors for conference programming.

Laurie Anderson will ‘perform’ the Keynote Address on: Engaging Minds, the Conference Motto.

Florian Dombois will light up the sky with a laser projection for the duration of the conference from dusk to 2 am: ‘Uboc No.1 & stuVi12.’

More than 40 national and international artist residencies and fellowship programs will be introduced by their sponsors. A great way to enrich your work and career! It is the perfect place for networking, and meeting residency/symposium organizers personally will be a great plus!

There will be sessions from Nuts and Bolts: How to do grant writing, marketing, social media, start a Residency Program and how to Make it All Happen! Again, portfolio reviews will be available. The International Association of Art Critics will sponsor a panel discussion. Other panels will investigate the Art of Fashion, Sound, and Smell: The Overlooked Sense, Art and Science and much in between for fine, media, interdisciplinary artists, writers, musicians, curators and culture mavens, who plan to branch out.

There will be guided tours at the Isabella Stewart Gardener Museum, the Boston Architectural College, the Boston Center for the Arts, Harvard University, MIT. The ICA is free on Thursday, and the MFA will charge its regular fee.

The French Cultural Center will invite visitors and the Ministry of Culture of Taiwan will host the Friday reception, as well as bringing 16 Taiwanese artists and presenters to the conference. Michael Dukakis, former Governor of Massachusetts, will address the Friday gathering.

There will be many more talks, presentations, concerts, readings, lunches and dinners. And, expect surprises for everyone, who will attend. The conference schedule will require serious decision making on your part. Check it out!

A Berkshire Fine Arts preview of the 2013 conference illustrates in word and many images artistic successes resulting from prior conference participation. The world is meeting again. Come join us!

P.S.: Artists under 35, who are living outside of Massachusetts can possibly still register at a 2for1 rate. That means for $ 177.50 each. The conference received a NEA grant and there may still be places available.