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Collaboration with Web-3 Photography Organization Fellowship

By: - Sep 22, 2022

The Moholy-Nagy Estate announces collaboration with web-3 photography organization Fellowship to launch its first NFT collection 

The Moholy-Nagy Estate builds upon its work to amplify the legacy of innovator, artist, educator and writer László Moholy-Nagy with its inaugural NFT drop with Fellowship. The collection is designed to deepen the understanding of the artist through a curated spotlight on works from 1924 to 1930, including seminal photographs, photograms and extreme perspective photographs 

Widely considered as one of the most important figures in modern art, László Moholy-Nagy’s practice spanned painting, commercial design, sculpture, filmmaking and theater design. With an awareness of how the industrial revolution in the late 19th and early 20th centuries transformed global economics and philosophies, Moholy-Nagy incorporated ground-breaking techniques, which tested preconceived notions of how artistic mediums could integrate with art, technology, and everyday life.

With a commitment to creating new possibilities for photography, the collaboration between Fellowship and the Moholy-Nagy Estate seeks to contextualize Moholy-Nagy’s artistic practice in the 21st century’s technological landscape, and to propel the artist’s vision towards this new medium of presentation. 

 “Man can be freed through techniques, if he finally realizes their function: i.e., a balanced life through full use of our liberated energies.” Moholy-Nagy, The New Vision (1928)

Moholy-Nagy was deeply akin to an explorer, incessantly probing the technological frontier for new aesthetic experiences. With its potential to create new communities, raise public awareness, disrupt a convention of viewing and understanding of an image, the NFT constitutes a new paradigm of technological advance. As a custodian of Moholy-Nagy’s vision and artistic achievements, we are truly excited to work with Fellowship, allowing the legacy of Moholy-Nagy to expand into the world of NFTs, reach new audiences and inspire a fresh generation of thinkers.” -  The Moholy-Nagy Estate on the collaboration with Fellowship

Fellowship on the importance of Moholy-Nagy - Working in the early 20th century before photography was considered a form of fine art, Moholy-Nagy actively sought to break down boundaries and find new languages of photographic discourse. Through his "New Vision" rooted in the technological culture of the twentieth century, he left behind an oeuvre of visual ideas that have provided artistic license to a century’s worth of photographers to experiment boldly beyond the conventional definitions of what photography is expected to be. We’re excited to partner with the Moholy-Nagy Estate and take these ideas one step further.

The curated drop is the first of many exciting collaborations between The Moholy-Nagy Estate and Fellowship to come in the next year. 

 About The Moholy-Nagy Estate 

The Moholy-Nagy Estate owns the copyrights to the works of László and Sibyl Moholy-Nagy and curates a collection of artworks and photography and an archive of reference materials. The Foundation is the Estate’s interface with researchers, museums, galleries, and the general public.

About Fellowship:

Established in 2021 by a group of artists, collectors and thought leaders across art, photography and Web3, Fellowship is a photography organization bringing the world’s leading photographers to the blockchain.

Presenting Museum quality exhibitions by living artists, marquee artist estates and contemporary artists, Fellowship invites audiences from around the world to discover, invest and learn about the medium of photography. Fellowship’s rotating exhibitions program exists alongside a digital publishing arm and permanent NFT collection, to empower audiences to engage, understand and enjoy photography.