Jay for a Day

Covert Operations in Gloucester

By: - Sep 24, 2018

No Easy Landscapes

Hey Jay my main man
What was the plan
About last night.
Now next day
Sunday morning in fact
What’s there to say
Some 30 years on
Still not done
No end to mishegos
Oh my gosh
Work in progress
More lines to be drawn
Connecting global dots
In every sense
Attendance oddly inverse
To truly historic occasion
Watson come in here I need you
Fuck em if they can’t take a joke
No easy landscapes
Assisted Readymades
Instead of Motif Number One
Or even Number Two
The building just behind
Usual boring bourgeois
Bedrock Rockport
Such insular art
Taken for granite
Get this mate
Can you believe it
Duchamp on Main Street
Downtown Gloucester
Not ready for covert operations
Tough to explain
Jumping out of a plane 
Stunts at frigin' 55
High as the sky
Now aches and pains
Twenty years on
Rare survivor
Worked for the man
Good old Uncle Sam
In some kinda way
Not your average bloke
That guy Jaroslav
Ain't no joke
All 31 one of him
My pal as Lon Cheney, Jr.
Man of a thousand faces
Master of disguise
Or so we surmise
Deep cover off the books
All those looks
Keeping America great again
It seemed at the time
After time after time
Lots of spooks on Cape Ann
Total gonzo jungle guys
Up river with Kurtz
Hearts of darkness
Former Company men
Propping up bar stools
Knocking back booze
Numbing fog of war
Wonder what you think
Last to blink
Displaying dark art
Comes from the heart
Morning after skewered
By Neptune’s Trident
With plausible deniability