Captain Beefheart

Back of the Limo

By: - Sep 29, 2014


Roger I want a lobster
Beefheart said
Huge one at the Half Shell
The rest of us dined modestly
The Captain lived large
Absconded me
Driving around NY in a limo
Discoursing on art and music
Equal interests
A white label test pressing
Clear Spot
Personalized front and back
Magic marker expressionist drawing
Signed Don Van Vliet
Afternoon at Chinese tailor
Shared with friend and mentor
Ornette Coleman
Don played freejazz clarinet
Lovely Jan waiting patiently
California girl
Promised her Dad to live straight
Self taught trained musicians
Zoot Horn Rollo
Rivalry with Zappa
Who produced
Classic Album
Trout Mask Replica
Avant-garde rock
Out there
Wrote Sunday features
Never enough
Asked me to join the band
Should have
Miss him madly