Chance Encounter

By: - Oct 09, 2022

Chance Enounter

What are the odds
Free furniture
If Sox pitch no hitter
Says so on TV
Dude with pony tail
Terrible Boston accent
Crossing Comm Ave
Near our club
Silver haired guy
Could be anybody
Just another bloke
Took another gander
He looked back
That aha moment
Are you Jordan's Furniture
Yeah that's me
Eliot Tatelman
Mind if I take a picture
Not at all
Guess he's used to this
Whipped out I phone
Got the shot
You live here
Yes over there
The dog ignored me
Went about its business
Astrid was not amused
What did you do that for
He's a celebrity
For my new website
She poo pooed that
Famous for what
Buying ads on TV
Thinking of ones
That got way
As a kid
Duke of Windsor
John Updike in front of the MET
Harrison Ford at the Whitney
Same place Diane Keaton
William Shatner and
Susan Sontag out in the open
Strolling Fifth Avenue
Long before cell phones
Such golden memories
Take a picture my friend
It lasts longer