Open Studios at Eclipse Mill

ArtWeek Berkshires October 14 to 23

By: - Oct 11, 2023

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There have been a number of versions of Open Studios in North Adams. Initially it was a city wide event that was organized by residents of the Eclipse Mill an artists loft complex.

Eventually that contracted to focus entirely on Eclipse Artists. That effort was disrupted by the Covid pandemic.

Now resumed there has been change as the event has been expanded from a weekend to the new pan-Berkshire concept of an Art Week.

What follows is a clip and save cheat sheet of what to encounter at the historic Eclipse Mill.









A. F. Cook

10/14-15 & 10/21-22

Anne Cook - Artist




10/14-15 & 10/21-22

Photography and Digital Art - also current show in the Eclipse Mill Gallery



Carlos Caicedo

10/14 & 15

Artist/Photographer  Paper and pencil have been lifetime companions for me, not simply tools. In a digital age these humble objects remain stubbornly useful, and our connection goes back before memory. It’s a physical relationship.

A yellow pencil in a child’s fist moving on blue-lined paper. A word is being born, MOM.
The weight of a book and the sound of a page as it turns, the curve it makes and how its shadow moves.
These are pleasures that haptics can’t mimic. My photography is a journey of discovery with these old friends to see if we can still surprise each other.



Diane Reed Sawyer


Diane Sawyer works in both sort pastel and oil using coldwax medium, She enjoys the immediacy of pastel, and its luminous depth. With oil and cold wax she uses a range of tools from palette knives to squeegees, building layers of color. Both mediums open new ideas and directions



Gail Sellers

Open for Business

River Hill Pottery



Grover Askins

Open for Business




Kate Kennedy

10/14 & 15 12PM to 4PM

The Jaded Palette—Uncommon Jewelry for Uncommon People—is the creation of artist Kate Kennedy, using vintage and antique beads, recycled precious metals, repurposed palette scrapings of acrylic paint, and digitally enhanced photo graffiti. Each handmade piece of jewelry is one-of-a-kind, and is intended to show that sustainability can also be fun, edgy, and beautiful. Studio 303 open 12-4 on October 14 and 15. Kate will happily talk about her process, and the history of beads.



Lynn Gall

10/14 & 15

Her books "Collage Brain" and "Mythic Creatures" are now available on Amazon



Ralph Brill

Open for Business

Brill Gallery



Robert Rutland

10/14 & 15 1-1:40PM

"Better Left Unsaid" Readings in the gallery



Sue Ann Connaughton

10/14 & 15 12PM - 6PM

After retiring from her career as a corporate research librarian, Sue Ann Connaughton transitioned into the world of crime.  Currently, she is writing Murder Me at Midnight, the fourth novel in her New England Murder Mystery series.  Beginning at noon on Saturday, 10/14 & Sunday, 10/15, she will display copies of her novels outside her loft, #310.


Wendell Beavers-Erika Berland

10/14 & 15 3PM & 4PM

PARTICIPATORY MOVEMENT INSTALLATION: The Composition of Everyday Life with Wendell Beavers and Erika Berland
This event takes place in the new Somatic Performer performance/work space in the Eclipse Mill, with movement artists and educators Wendell Beavers and Erika Berland.  We will  lead participants in a series of co-created spontaneous installations in our space using awareness of space, time, movement, shape, story and emotion. This is a 100% participatory event open to all regardless of experience or ability. How does embodied art come into being? Please join us to find out.