Cabot's Cove

By: - Oct 13, 2022

Cabot's Cove
Down Maine
Talking about Angela Lansbury
Moments before we
Learned that she died
Psychic acid flash
Searching for her
Quaint Cabot's Cove
Murder it seems
That's all she wrote
Settled for
Boothbay Harbor
Made the East Loop
Magnificent coast
Palatial cottages
Splashes of color
Nature's paint brush
I want lobster
Rocker Captain Beefheart
Told flack Roger Lifeset
Now on that other coast
Had a huge one
The Half Shell
Boylston Street
Steps from Jazz Workshop
Now past Native Day
Tourists long gone
Except for stragglers
Me and the Mrs.
Pensioners out and about
Prowling Vacation Land
Town now mostly
Closed for the season
Brief wait
Tugboat Restaurant
Rather rare
Beached craft
Like Jonah
Whale of a tale
Dining in
Belly of the beast
Waiter with tats
A nice touch
Of local color
Served twin lobsters
Flipped from the sea
Just inches away
All they're cracked up to
Doused in butter
Next to us
Table of four
Our age but real rich
Led different lives
Skipped Woodstock
Never dropped
Owsley Sunshine
Lucy in the Sky
Republicans I whispered
How can you tell
Just smell them
Dry martinis
He was curious about me
Kept taking ganders
How were the lobsters
That lock-jawed slur
He asked coyly
Smarmy noblesse oblige
Spare me oh please
Rather tongue in chic
I replied with panache
Marvelous simply marvelous
With pirate's swagger
Touch of Jack Sparrow
Too too marvelous
For words