Krapp's Last Joust

By: - Oct 13, 2023

Krapp’s Last Joust

One more time
Took to the field
Comrades in arms
Men of many medals
Now old and lame
Burdened by fame
Weighed by armor
Heavy metal of pride
Deconstructed Waterloo
Falstaffian figures
Somewhat comical
Waddle about in the mud
Slung with foul abuse
A matter of honor
Mortal combat
Fame and reputation
Trading insults
Tinged with irony
Das Glasperlenspiel
Who is Master of the Game
To be decided in combat
Wallowed in mud
Swing their clubs
Stumble bumbles
Slip and slide
Goya’s grim painting
Cruel and hilarious
Bashed and bruised
They lurched forward
Blasphemous blows
Grunts and groans
Rumble in the jungle
Embraced yet again
Tattered titans
Teetering on
Fetid dung hill
Dreary old glory
Grim gray day
Krapp’s Last Tape