Brian Zink

By: - Oct 14, 2022

Brian Zink
Collecting artists
Past and present
Famous and not
More former than latter
For my new photos
Website in progress
Some 3500 images
Just for starters
Meaty album of
Famous Boston artists
Awesome archive
Captured an era
When art seemed to matter
Living like monks
All for the cause
Hopes and dreams
So much work
With nowhere to go
Collectors and heirs
Loaded with inventory
That nobody wants
Trying to unload it
Like zucchini in August
Why they roll up
Car windows in Maine
We all made
Much too much work
Pity the sculptors
There he was
On Comm Ave
Van bore his name
Impressive prosperity
The one and only
Brian Zink
Not the metal
What a difference
A C makes
Remembering when
We collided in Soho
Then and now
I took a picture
Even made a collage
We were young then
He still more so
Than me