Trash Talk

Blockhead's Free Art

By: - Nov 18, 2016

Trash Talk

"No one but a blockhead ever wrote except for money." Dr. Samuel Johnson

These words
Sorry Dr. Johnson
A work of art
Gift from me to you
My life actually
Spelled out
Line for line
Not for sale
No tangible value
Just thoughts
Mad rantings
Over morning coffee
In the Berkshires
Grey day
First of many
Winter setting in
Thinking of
All of you
Shadows cast over me
From then to now
School chums
Old girl friends
All kinds of pals
Tons of artists
Jazz musicians
Sweet nights in
Sad cafes
Pugs and thugs
Dead hipsters
Gonzo poets
Piled high
Heaps of memories
Of no value
No secondary market
Even Jim Jacobs
Can't sell this
Like Dylan
Plan to ignore
Nobel Prize
No trip to Sweden
White tie and tails
These tales are free
Just scribbles
Comments on
Decline of Empire
Raped earth
Gasping for air
No purchase price
Worth less than
Two cents
Kiss someone you love
Do it for me
All one can hope for
Thundering accolades
Fame game
Consumes our soul
Inferno of striving
Me, me, look at me
Better to give it away
Box of memories
Dumped at
That matter
For time