Rainy Half Day

At the Mall

By: - Nov 23, 2017

Rainy Half Day

I was headed round the back
as Grannie Cashman used to say
when Uncle Bud came screaming
down the street she knew
there was blood

I was headed to see
whether all the three boys
had gone to lunch with D
Sata!  Sata! Let's go!

Tucked into the car
with no time to change
out of my fancy gym clothes

Sata!  What's virginity?
That's when you haven't
had children yet
What's orgasm
That's when they roll
around on the bed
No it isn't
Checks and reads
iPhone definition
without understanding

Took a long lunch at Friendly's
interrupted by cell phones
including my new one

Can we go to Marshall's?
Have any money?  Yup.
Can you let us off and park?

Dylan and I spied upon
by fleeting Riley and Lucas
Can we have knee hockey balls?
If they have them?
I'll go see if they have them
Can we have this?
Will you give us twenty-five dollars?
We'll pay you back.
I don't believe you
It's easy to not believe you

We're going to Olympia
Try on wonderful tights
with ruffles down the front
My favorite fitting 90 Degrees
twenty dollars were ninety-eight

Dylan texts the others
I tell him they went to Olympia
I'll meet you there
He runs through the rain

Meet them
Buy knee hockey balls
They can't play at Grampy's
Might scratch the floor

I'm glad I don't have a house like that
Can't play at my house 
Need a rug  Have one
Round the back