Hancock Shaker Village Thanksgiving

Celebrating a Year Like None Other

By: - Nov 23, 2020

Dear Friends, 
Hancock Shaker Village felt like a home-away-from-home this year. With the world in turmoil, it was comforting to visit with the animals, take in our verdant gardens, and quietly enjoy our landscape and the breathtaking beauty of our buildings. All staff took turns greeting visitors and working in the Village; some of my favorite days were when I sat in a chair under the apple tree and said hello to visitors as they meandered along. Many of us found new inspiration in the story of the Shakers, who leaned in to combat adversity, live simply, and be a community. Every day, I felt grateful for staff and volunteers who made the Village a safe and soothing place. We all appreciated those who came to see us, support us, or simply lend a hand.  
In a year when we are counting our heroes, the Village has had many. We’re deeply appreciative of the anonymous donor whose gift enabled us to convert the second floor of the Trustees’ Office into intern housing, a pivotal step to training the next generation of museum professionals in everything from curatorial management to regenerative farming. I was in awe of friends who helped us celebrate with live music – local musicians like Billy Keane and international ones like Yo-Yo Ma, who performed songs of comfort here for essential workers. I was inspired by all who turned out for our free Community Day in October, and those who made it possible. Day after day, you have given so much to us, and shown us just how special this place is to you. We are grateful. 
Please donate to our Annual Fund today. With your help, we will continue to be a refuge, a place to feed your soul. 

Thank you. Be well.

Jennifer Trainer Thompson