Fittness Tips for Seniors

Be the Envy of All

By: - Nov 28, 2021

As part of rehab from spinal surgery in March I exercise daily.

It entails five different sets: chair lifts, arm lifts, counter top barre routine with squats, then twice a day bed routine. The latter ends with a hundred each leg scissor kicks.

At first it was brutal to attempt just fifteen.

Now I’m not even out of breath after a couple hundred.

Jay, my PT guy is impressed.

Progress has been slow but palpable. In the loft I can get around unassisted.

When out and about I get by with walker and cane.

Until my pre-op crisis, unable to stand without excruciating pain, I was more or less a couch potato.

Now, although I still have a way to go with walking, overall I am in the best shape in years.

Of these exercises I take the greatest pride and pleasure in the arms and upper body sequence.

This entails lifting two pound weights with numerous reps.

Basically, until my arms fall off.

Each day I squeeze my bicep swearing that it is larger and firmer than the day before.

Not bad to be an eighty-something muscle man.

I am willing to arm wrestle with my peers. For money. If you dare to take me on.

Just like back in college when I enjoyed arm wrestling as a cafeteria sport.

A serious injury, however, ended that as well as my stint as a wrestler.

So listen up dudes and follow this tip for serious senior exercise.

Start with a five pound potato sack in each hand. See the accompanying illustration.

Follow the instructions and soon you will be trim and fit.

The envy of all at the senior center.

Thanks to Mark for getting the ball rolling.