USS Bonhomme Richard

Opposites Attract

By: - Dec 06, 2015

USS Bonhomme Richard

Like sharks
Have to keep swimming
It’s how we survive
Jonas a Great White
Flew in for lunch
Puddle hopper
He made from a kit
Saw him land
Calm day but turbulent
Potholes up top
At 2,000 feet he said
Astrid told me
Don’t fly with him
This time
Wicked cool though
Driving to the club
Nice place to hang
Great buffet
Update of our
Ever more ambitious
Projects and portfolios
Trained at Brown and RISD
Under Harry Callahan
Plans for showing
Early Chicago series
Comments about latest
On line portfolio
Three weeks on
USS Bonhomme Richard
Some 500 images
Faces among the 5,000
Sailors and Marines
Young and brave
Deployed at sea
Ready to fight and die
If need be
Defending you and me
Stunning images
Take no side
On divisive politics
Roiled by terrorism
Opposites attract
Lion and lamb
Eden in Williamstown

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