When Comes the Moment

By: - Dec 08, 2021

As ever in our prayers a universal wish
A gracious death with no regrets.
And yet in life we give no thought
To ever hedge our bets.

In early age an arrogance that
We will live forever.
And even death upon our clan
We take no new endeavor.

The moments pass without a thought
That someday they will end.
Our eyes are on that someday when
We’ll finally round the bend.

And come upon that magic day
When we will be arrived
At life we always knew we were
Due by birth revived.

The moments in between those times
Were wasted in our worry.
Would we ever reach our goal
Without so much as hurry.

The wasted moments gone for good
And never to retrieve.
The moments we have cast away
By monumental heave.

The time we spent in disregard
For all things right and proper.
The meaning to the life we sought
We’ve tossed into the hopper.

When comes the moment at the end
Our death bed we alight
That universal wish betrayed
By our own wasted plight.

The one regret we hold so dear
We never got to hold
To live each moment fully tight
The magic life of gold.

The universal wish in truth
Is not about our death.
It rather is the story of
The taking of each breath.

When comes the moment at the end
For us to breathe our last
It’s just a moment in our dream
Of all the moments past.

So live a life of full regard
To joy and sorrow equal measure.
The middle path will keep you safe
From too much pain and pleasure.

Find your path and walk it fully
Slow by slow and always steady.
When comes the moment at the end
You’ll know you’re fully ready.