Absurd but True

I Lost It at the Movies

By: - Dec 11, 2015



Another fine mess
You’ve gotten us into
Looking around furtively
Never know who’s listening
Nothing to be done
Waiting for you know who
The big guy
Never comes
It seems in that
After wars to
End them
Collage of thoughts
Fragments of plays
This must be love
Turner Classic Movies
Film noir
Like Apu Trilogy
We watched recently
Slow and exquisite
Meticulously restored
No need for the new
Mechanical reproduction
Originality obsolete
End to thinking
Cut and paste
Stop making sense
Fragments of the ‘60s
Talk was cheap
Acid nights
Tripping to Miles
Or Ravi Shankar
Mad youth when
There was no end
Time and space
Feeling groovy
Banging the gong
Around yon
Wandering river
Of no return