The Doors Parted

Biblical Elevation

By: - Dec 17, 2014


The doors parted

as did the Red Sea
and the reversing numbers burned "down" in orange
like the bush near Moses
and me
lowering myself
into Biblical times
to get to the lobby
to get into the street
to get to the subway
to get to work
to face the great plagues
of supervisors,
and memos 
and cubicles
I had left the warm teat
of my heaven
and Otist my way
down into the inferno
a descension into Hades,
with paychecks and conference tables
all to return,
as Persephone to her mother did
to the angelic gate on floor 24
to descend into slumber, 
and to dream
of epochs
where kings and servants
once lowered and elevated
their titles,
moving only upon steps . . . .