Trimming the Tree

Let There be Light

By: - Dec 20, 2014


Trimming  the  Tree


Dad Jo and Me
Drove from Brookline to Framingham
Along Route 9
Outdoor markets
Tons of trees
Looking for the fullest
Twirling them about
Viewed from all angles
Nice fat one
Tied to the roof of the car
In the living room
Too tall
Top hacked off with a kitchen knife
Base too fat for the stand
Puffing at a cigar
Dad sweating and chopping
Finally upright
Branches pulled down and arranged
Barest side in the back
Sappy oozing resin wafting through the room
Dad now retired to observe and instruct
Boxes up from the basement
Ancient candles in all the windows
Lights plugged in
Some not working
Clever Jo soldering with lead tinsel
Flash and sparks
Let there be light
First draped around evenly
Then the garlands
Tinsel placed strand by strand
Impatiently I chucked it freestyle
Finally the antique balls
Dad made eggnog
With nutmeg and whipped cream
Driving by our house ablaze
In dark Brookline
Celebrating Hanukah