Going Down

Another Take on Elevators

By: - Dec 22, 2014

Elevators . . . 

A vertical trajectory of life,
A box to hold humans
and their stuff
and their obnoxious pets
A car on wires
that pampers, maybe cripples
the lungs and heart
that quickens commerce and
visitation rights
an excuse to use more fossil fuels and
a rebellion against slow growth, 
and an inequitable enabler
of sky high towers,
urban vertical sprawl,
glass skinned offices,
of law, and mercantilism,
of trade and greed and 
insatiable appetite,
for fiscal lust,
the paneled rectangle with lit digits,
mobilizing whole luxury islands,
that vertically isolate,
block out the sun,
and woe to you,
in your elevated, elevator
that with seismic forces,
a burp or belch from the earth,
after much indigestion from
fracking cocktails, 
you who live up high,
will come down low,
to face your willingness, or
worst yet, 
your indifference,
and your steely, strapping Otis,
your part-time lover and enabler,
not to there for you,
when you, as Icarus did,
fall from grace
from the sky . . . .