Reasonably Priced Party Wines

Quality and Price

By: - Dec 24, 2016

This is the season to entertain and enjoy wine during the long and cold winter (if that is your environment.

The key to enjoying winter and wine is to find the wines that become your house wines for the season.

If the house wines are good enough for daily consumption, why wouldn’t they become the wines that you pour at your Holiday and non-holiday events or those friendly dinner parties.

I have always been one where the price point does matter with wine. 

My philosophy has always been to serve quality wines at reasonable prices.

And that is what we did at our yearly Holiday Party at our home.

Thirty guests enjoyed a large variety of food, lots of wine and a Champagne toast to 2017, taken at the middle of the festivities.  

Since, I believe it is necessary to serve a white, rose and red wine, my daily house wines portfolio of white, rose and red wines fit the bill.

Spain has always been a strong point regarding wine values. Quality and price equal success. Fortunately, the Carinena region, at the Iberian Cordilera is home to Bodega Esteban Martin, the producer of the Baron de Funes portfolio. The wines from the Carinena DO, located within Aragon’s Zaragosa province, are home to the Garnacha (Grenache) grape that thrives in hot and dry climates.

The wines I chose for the party include my house wine, the Baron de Funes Bianco ($9), I chose the Baron de Funes Rosado ($9) and the Baron de Funes Red Reserva ($11) to round out the wines.The wines are pure food wines, yet fruity and bold, with a medium-body.

For the Champagne toast (really, a good reason to toast 2017), I chose the Collet Art Deco ($45), a really complex and bubbly Champagne.