Lobster Thermidor for British Christmas

Made Me Green with Envy

By: - Dec 26, 2015

Britain's incredible Jane Baker (Mellery Pratt) from Bournmouth a pal back in the rock and roll days wrote that she was serving lobster thermidor to family and grand children for Christmas. Yikes. That prompted this correspondence.


Lobster Thermidor!
My absolute favorite.
There was a restaurant that featured it.
In our neighborhood growing up.
I am so cheeesded off.
You didn't invite us!
I would have grabbed the first flight out.
Was it absolutely heavenly.
I am green with jealousy.
We will have to dine on lobster for New Years.
Best to all

She replied.

Thanks for the poem. Do u talk like that all the time now? U r a great cook but here's my recipe.
You make the best in Boston so I copied it. 

Sounds like bog standard ingredients but I tried it all ways and this one tastes the best.
Local lobsters are getting so expensive here but are really good. I'm sure u know how to fillet a cooked lobster and cut it into two halves. 
Shells in baking tray.
Finely chopped shallots (small onions not spring onions) in butter and olive oil cook gently add table spoon of cornflour and cook on add a table spoon of strong English mustard and some sea salt. Cook on stirring well on low heat. Add large dollop of tomato ketchup (don't faint) cook well in add brandy cook on add juices that escape from lobster, cook on till amalgamated add thick cream and water till right consistency cook and stir cool down.
White breadcrumbs and parmigiana cheese with olive oil on tray in oven till toasted not burned.
Allow to cool down put chopped lobster meat into sauce including all juices. Fill shells and press crumbs onto top. 
Can be done ahead of time 
Put in oven 180o for up to 30 mins or until bubbly and golden.
Serve with chips or mini rosties and peas or green veggies.
Mini rostis 

Grate potato squeeze out juice put clump pinches of potato into hot oil in frying pan. Flip when golden and drain on paper.
Don't leave grated pot hanging around or will go black.
U probably know this already
Happy new year to u both Jane xx