Calm on Sandy Bay

By: - Dec 26, 2015


Ice on a pond
on a rock
with twigs
of straw

Lobsterman's truck
on the wall
Boat's out

A single car
for traffic
First quarter

Christmas wreath
high up on a shack
has a yellow angel
arms out
holding candles
Perhaps a dog
figure above

Check the score
at the loving couple's
Seven Ought Pats

See the nuke plant
in Seabrook
New Hampshire
fuzzy squat gray
The lighthouse
on Star Island
bright white
and slim

Tiny yellow petals
grown out of
the green weed

Red and white buoy
stuck in the barkless
branchless trunk
washed to the top
of the shore
two years ago
when rocks
filled Judy's lawn
some too heavy
for a lone man

Chickens at the
second fence
Rabbit out
on the porch
of his cage

Frankie barks
behind a near
sound proof

White slush collects
behind a fallen tree

Up Sheeps' Pasture
real ice edges
part of yesterday's river
White has air under it
Black touches water

Across Johnson Road
a little pit has black ice
with wrinkles in it

Beyond Sandy Bay
bright blue horizon
by boat  or island

Melissa de Haan Cummings
20 December 2015