New Year’s Eve in Times Square

By: - Dec 29, 2022

New Year’s Eve in Times Square


Andy and Anderson Are Back

Five, Four, Three, Two, One


The ball dropped in Times Square

Gala launch of 2022

A year that most of us

Would rather forget

Not much to celebrate

We hung in and watched

Parade of B list celebrities

Andy Cohen getting more and more

Shitfaced on national TV

More pathetic than amusing

 His BFF Anderson hanging in

An utter embarrassment

Blackout drunks

National disgrace

Making us truly miss

Guy Lombardo and Dick Clark

Let’s face it

2022 was mostly a dud

Ukraine, Covid, pain and suffering

We kissed at midnight

Hoping for the best

Tomorrow is another day

As to 2023 won’t get fooled again

They’re back by popular demand

The dynamic duo

Poster children for AA

Astrid speculates that they

Have great contracts

Or it’s a ratings thing

The bottom line

 Better a modest meal

 Spam on rye

 A bit of bubbly

Just the two of us

Perhaps a splash of port

Safe and sound

Then off to bed

With dreams of sugarplum fairies

A ship of fools

Live from Times Square

Bracing for yet another

Really bad year

Bet on it