Portfolio of Laura Chasman

Artist Statement

My subject matter is drawn from my daily life- the people and situations that I encounter. This is where I find my inspiration. How my subjects look, feel and express themselves, and how I have come to know them draw me in. Both individuals and groups of people fascinate me. Painting the portrait of one person has often led to a series of portraits of others within the same milieu. I try to reach beyond a physical description, to capture the quirks and nuances that convey the special qualities of my subjects.


For over 30 years I have had a singular focus- to capture the humanity that is all around me. My gouache paintings of people comprise a visual journal of my life. I am inspired by the people that I know intimately, as well as those I encounter as I live my life.

Contact Information

92 selwyn street
Roslindale, MA 02131

Artwork Acquisition

All sales commence directly with the artist or their representation. Some artist elect to sell there works directly through this site, others request one on one contact with interested parties. After you select the works you are interested in you will either be directed to a check out system or an inquiry request form.

  • John wearing his green glasses - By:Laura Chasman

    Dimensions:111/2" x 11 1/2"
    Price: - upon request
  • Oliver at 23 - By:Laura Chasman

    Description:Part of a time-based ongoing series of portraits of my son Oliver - since childhood spanning 24 years so far.
    Dimensions:10" x 12"
    Price: - upon request
  • Orion - By:Laura Chasman

    Dimensions:15" x 15"
    Price: - upon request
  • Silvie - By:Laura Chasman

    Dimensions:13" x 12"
    Price: - upon request
  • El - By:Laura Chasman

    Dimensions:15" x 14"
    Price: - upon request
  • Sainte Chapelle - By:Laura Chasman

    Dimensions:14" x 12"
    Price: - upon request
  • Nicholus - By:Laura Chasman

    Dimensions:12" x 11"
    Price: - upon request
  • Miranda - By:Laura Chasman

    Price: - upon request
  • Dosalena - By:Laura Chasman

    Dimensions:13" x 11"
    Price: - upon request
  • Catherine - By:Laura Chasman

    Dimensions:12" x 11"
    Price: - upon request
  • Oliver in his plaid hat - By:Laura Chasman

    Dimensions:7" x11"
    Price: - upon request
  • Dorothy - By:Laura Chasman

    Dimensions:7" x 11"
    Price: - upon request
  • Brother Joseph - By:Laura Chasman

    Dimensions:15" x 13"
    Price: - upon request
  • Self-portrait with John and Alice - By:Laura Chasman

    Description:9" x 12 1/2"
    Price: - upon request