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  • David Geffen Hall Prepares to Open Front Page

    Alibaba Money Gets Naming Rights

    By: Susan Hall - Aug 06th, 2022

    Lincoln Center offers venues for the performing arts and concert programs. Is there an audience for what is offered? John Goberman, who founded Live from Lincoln Center, remarked when he left the staff a decade ago, that from his point of view–where the rubber hits the road, there was no audience any longer for classical music. He went on to produce live orchestral accompaniments to films. 

  • Pierre-Laurent Aimard in Salzburg Front Page

    Bartok and Ligeti Featured

    By: Susan Hall - Jul 31st, 2022

    Pierre-Laurent Aimard chose as difficult a program as you could imagine. In the Grand Hall of the Mozartareum in Salzburg, the first half of his program focused on Bela Bartok’s small pieces done in grand style: Bagatelles, Etudes, and some Mikrokosmos. Ligeti followed the interval.

  • The Inimitable Marlis Petersen in Munich Front Page

    A Journey into Night and Our Psyches

    By: Susan Hall - Jul 27th, 2022

    The Munich State Opera presents both opera and concerts during their annual July Festival. One star, Marlis Petersen, entranced at the Prinzregent Theater.

  • La Boheme at the Munich State Theater Front Page

    Otto Schenk's Set a Star

    By: Susan Hall - Jul 26th, 2022

    Puccini’s music is beautiful and his notes sit particularly well in the human voice. Music written for the voice, as Puccini did, attracts audiences, especially when it is delivered by a stellar cast. Along with a rich musical mix, deep characterization draws us in.  In the current revival of Otto Schenk production at the Munich State Opera, character is on full display amidst bantering bohemians and the flirtatious Musetta.

  • Conductor Dies During Performance in Munich Front Page

    Stefan Soltesz Exits to the Music of Richard Strauss

    By: Susan Hall - Jul 25th, 2022

    It has been a very warm week in Munich, yet a lovely one. Occasionally walking along Maximilian Street in the center of town, a breeze catches up and cools. The Munich State Opera, unquestionably the lead opera company in the world, is holding its annual July Festival, a chance to catch up with interesting productions from the last decade.Concerts too attract.  Munich Regular Jonas Kaufman will return for his first post Covid appearance.

  • Jonas Kaufman and Helmut Deutsch in Munich Front Page

    Munich State Opera Presents in the National Theater

    By: Susan Hall - Jul 24th, 2022

    Jonas Kaufman and Helmut Deutsch have long been partners in song.  Kaufman recently withdrew from performances at the Royal Covent Garden opera house due to the impact of Covid 19 on his voice.  His return was welcomed at the National Theater in Munich.

  • Meet Phil Kline at Mass MOCA Front Page

    Bang on a Can Composer

    By: Susan Hall - Jul 23rd, 2022

    Phil Kline is at MASS MoCA next weekend. He says: I'm a bit of an outsider, not part of the "classical" world, or even the more sanctioned wings of the avant-garde. A composer without portfolio. Go hear his work in North Adams, Massachusetts!

  • Julis Bullock Expands Harawi in Aix Front Page

    Choreographed Drama by Zack Winokur

    By: Susan Hall - Jul 22nd, 2022

    Julia Bullock has made a big opera career outside conventional wisdom. At the Aix Festival in Provence this year she sang Olivier Messiaen's Harawi, a challenging work to which she brings unusual insights.

  • The Nose at the Munich Opera Front Page

    Russian Dissident Kirill Serebrennikov

    By: Susan Hall - Jul 21st, 2022

    Kirill Serebrennikov, the brilliant Russian director, brought The Nose to Munich via Zoom. He is detained by the Russian government in Moscow. The production is superb.

  • Ian Bostridge Sings Schubert in Munich Front Page

    Anthony Papano Accompnies at the Prinzregent Theater

    By: Susan Hall - Jul 20th, 2022

    Ian Bostridge is the go-to performer for Franz Schubert's Winterreise. He notes that 'Even as a child I was unnaturally obsessed with love and death, so in that sense I really was born to sing lieder'. This concert is another testament to his natural affinity for the form and for the composer.

  • Berkshire Opera Festival's Don Giovanni Front Page

    First-rate Company Performs Mozart

    By: Susan Hall - Jul 14th, 2022

    "What Loy and his co-founder Brian Garman have pulled off in the Berkshires is some true wizardry." — Parterre Box

  • Inna Faliks Returns to The Barge Front Page

    Splendid Music by Freidlin. Clara Schumann and Ravel

    By: Susan Hall - Jul 14th, 2022

    Inna Faliks is not only a pianist of the highest order.  She programs to reveal new insights into the music she performs. She is especially striking as a commissioner of new music. She also honors living composers, some  too seldom performed.

  • Phil Kline at Mass MOCA Front Page

    Wide-Ranging Magical Music

    By: Susan Hall - Jul 11th, 2022

    Three Phil Kline concerts at Bang on a Can's LOUD Weekend, from a duo with Jim Jarmusch to anti-war classic Zippo Songs (7/28-30, MASS MoCA)

  • Jeremy Denk and Maria Wloszczowska Front Page

    The 92nd Street Y Presents Bach

    By: Susan Hall - Jul 09th, 2022

    Jeremy Denk is a world class pianist and writer. Recently he performed Bach violin sonatas with a magnificent young violinist, Maria Wloszczowska at the 92nd Street YMCA in New York. 

  • Peter Gelb Unfiltered Front Page

    Jeff Brown of VAN Magazine Interviews the Met Opera's GM

    By: Jeff Arlo Brown - Jul 04th, 2022

    What a last seven years it’s been for Peter Gelb and the Metropolitan Opera: Conflicts among board members and between labor and management; allegations of sexual abuse against late music director James Levine; COVID furloughs that left orchestra members in serious financial trouble; the firing of Anna Netrebko over her refusal to denounce Vladimir Putin's invasion of Ukraine. Jeffrey Arlo Brown sat down with Gelb to talk about those issues, plus Gelb's aesthetic priorities for the Met and whether he has a secret Twitter account.

  • Eva Luna Dramatized at Repertorio Espanol Front Page

    Storytelling Honored on Stage

    By: Susan Hall - Jun 30th, 2022

    Repertorio Espanol presents big theater in a compact space. Productions are often not only intense but sprawling in their content. The trick of compacting large stories in a small space is one of the company’s specialties. Eva Luna, Caridad Svich’s apt dramatization of Isabel Allende's big third novel, gives ample opportunity to display these skills.

  • A Strange Loop, the Musical Front Page

    Edwin Bates Steps into the Lead Role

    By: Susan Hall - Jun 26th, 2022

    A Strange Loop, the musical, is an exuberant yet sad story about a young, queer Black man who is struggling to write a musical.  In fact, Michael R. Jackson, winner of Tonys for Best Musical and Best Book of a Musical, spent twenty years putting this show together.

  • Orchestra of St. Luke's at Carnegie Front Page

    Exploration of Strange Loops. Part I

    By: Susan Hall - Jun 24th, 2022

    A Musical Offering is Bach’s final work.  After his visit to Potsdam during which King Frederick offered him a phrase to elaborate on, he returned home where he died three years later,  The work’s complexity is often noted.  Running many musical lines simultaneously in canons and fugues yields rich linear results. Bach undoubtedly heard the vertical harmonies which the canonical runs create. They are as radical as any composer’s who followed him: dissonance, chromaticism, even odd and undefinable sounds abound.  The performance makes the case for Bach, known as the pinnacle of baroque music, as the founder of all music that followed.  

  • X in Dorchester: Malcolm Comes Home Front Page

    Anthony Davis Opera Conducted by Gil Rose

    By: Susan Hall - Jun 19th, 2022

    Today, decades after it was written and first premiered at New York City Opera, X, the Life and Times of Malcolm X, feels both deeply rooted in classic opera traditions of Wagner, Strauss and Berg and deeply connected to our jazz heritage. The work is as much Charlie Mingus as it is say Parsifal, which composer Anthony Davis often references. A semi-staged concert version was performed at the Strand Theatre in Dorchester, Massachusetts, near Malcom's childhood home.

  • Berkshire Opera Festival Front Page

    Three Decembers by Jake Heggie

    By: Susan Hall - Jun 16th, 2022

    The spirited and ambitious Berkshire Opera Festival opens its 2022 summer season with a compelling new production of Jake Heggie's intimate THREE DECEMBERS on July 21 and 23 at PS21 in Chatham, NY, conducted by Christopher James Ray and directed by Beth Greenberg. This contemporary American opera is based on Tony Award-winning playwright Terrence McNally's original script for Some Christmas Letters. It marks BOF's 2nd Second Stage event, following Tom Cipullo's highly praised Glory Denied last summer.

  • Awakenings by Tobias Picker Front Page

    Opera Theatre of St. Louis Presents Premiere

    By: Susan Hall - Jun 15th, 2022

    Awakenings is a new opera by the very American opera composer Tobias PIcker. In the past, he has musicalized the stories of Judith Rossner, Theodore Dreiser, and Stephen King. His new opera premieres at the Opera Theatre of St. Louis.

  • Harvey Milk, the Opera, in St. Louis Front Page

    Composer Stewart Wallace Creates a Smashing Success

    By: Susan Hall - Jun 13th, 2022

    Harvey Milk, the re-tooled opera, premieres at Opera Theatre of St. Lotus.  It is a smashing hit. Composer Stewart Wallace talks about again looking at the work, first draft  created in 1994-5. He now lives in Rome and is in St. Louis for event. He presents the title character and his friends as human. Michael Korie is librettist and contributes a journalist's eye for detail in moving scenes.

  • American Symphony Orchestra at Rose Hall Music

    Leon Botstein Conducts Overlooked Masters

    By: Susan Hall - Jun 10th, 2022

    American Symphony Orchestra  hosted American Masters, a symphonic concert at Jazz at Lincoln Center featuring the world premiere of Roberto Sierra’s newly commissioned Concerto for Electric Violin, performed by acclaimed electric violinist Tracy Silverman. The program also offered works by three Pulitzer Prize-winning composers: Melinda Wagner, Richard Wernick, and Shulamit Ran. Tickets were free, a gift to New York music lovers,

  • Basil Twist Alights in Versailles Front Page

    Les Arts Florissants Returns An Opera to its Origins

    By: Susan Hall - Jun 07th, 2022

    Jean-Joseph de Mondonville’s Titon et l'Aurore returns to Versaille. It is a pastorale heroique opera in three acts with a prologue. Inspired by Madame De Pompadour, it was first performed at the Académie Royale de Musique in Paris in January 1753.

  • Paradise Square, the Musical Front Page

    Up for ten Tony Awards

    By: Rachel de Aragon - Jun 03rd, 2022

    Paradise Square directed by Moises Kaufman with choreography by Bill T. Jones, is an exuberant, refreshing and intelligent presentation of a significant moment in our history.  It has been nominated for ten Tony awards, among them best musical, best choreography by Bill T. Jones and best actress in a musical,  Joaqulna Kalukango.

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