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  • Time Alone

    Boca Stage in Southeast Florida

    By: Aaron Krause - Jan 14th, 2023

    "Time Alone" is a moving and intense play about two prisoners. Boca Stage is presenting a riveting production of Alessandro Camon's play. The production runs through Jan. 22.

  • Prototype Festival Captures New York

    Forms of New Opera Abound

    By: Susan Hall - Jan 12th, 2023

    All the big opera companies have something to learn from the Prototype Festival, which is celebrating its 10th anniversary.

  • Annie

    Touring show at Broadway San Jose

    By: Victor Cordell - Jan 12th, 2023

    So, what makes “Annie” so popular? Where to start? Set during the Great Depression and opening in an orphanage with conditions straight out of a Charles Dickens novel doesn’t seem a likely starting point.

  • Gloucester 400th Plus

    Video Access to 2022 Lectures

    By: CAM - Jan 12th, 2023

    Gloucester 400th Plus is an occasion for research and reflection on all aspects of the history and culture of Cape Ann. in 2022 the Cape Ann Museum hosted a range of panel discussions and lectures. Here is the full program with links to their videos. It is significant that the museum has preserved and made available such a valuable resource.

  • Cape Ann Rocks!

    Quarries, Poles Hill, Ocean Ledges

    By: Astrid Hiemer - Jan 06th, 2023

    Quarries, Poles Hill, Ocean Ledges and gratitude weave through the following essay, with 30 plus photographs.

  • Keith Haring Subway Drawings

    Brattleboro Museum & Art Center

    By: Brattleboro - Jan 11th, 2023

    Keith Haring made thousands of unsanctioned chalk drawings in New York City subway stations. Most of them were promptly thrown away or papered over by subway authorities. Only a limited number survive to this day. Seventeen of these historic drawings will be exhibited publicly for the first time at the Brattleboro Museum & Art Center

  • Philip Guston at the MFA

    Beyond the Controversy

    By: Martin Mugar - Jan 11th, 2023

    It has taken months for Martin Mugar to get a fix on the remarkable Philip Guston exhibition at the Museum of Fine Arts Boston. The work is now on the road. Mugar attempts to unpack the complex phases of the work from initial Social Realism to Abstract Expressionism to a late phase entailing controversial cartoonish images of the Ku Klux Klan. Initially the late work cast him as a pariah in the art world. During which he taught at Boston University and was embraced by like minded professors and students.

  • Poetic Justice - When Art Is Everything

    Vignettes of Robert Lowell and Rainer Maria Rilke

    By: Victor Cordell - Jan 10th, 2023

    In short order, playwright Lynne Kaufman offers enticing insights into two contrasting, important modern poets, and the simple production succeeds through fine acting. This compact but impactful taste of familiarity fully satisfies on its own, while many attendees will want to learn even more about these fragile artists and their robust literary works.

  • Oyayaye and Fortunio's Lied, Komische Oper

    Of Course in Berlin

    By: Angelika Jansen - Jan 10th, 2023

    The Komische Oper Berlin is one of three opera houses in the Capital. Committed to presenting lighter fare, it just celebrated its 75 birthday in January with a big gala and two operas by Jaques Offenbach: Oyayaye and Fortunio's Lied.

  • National Endowment for the Arts

    Grants for 2023

    By: NEA - Jan 10th, 2023

    The National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) is pleased to announce the first round of recommended awards for fiscal year 2023, with more than $34 million in funding to support the arts nationwide. This is the first of the NEA’s two major grant announcements each fiscal year and includes grants to organizations through the NEA’s Grants for Arts Projects, Challenge America, and Research Awards categories.

  • VERY Mounts Death Show

    Artist Run Boston Gallery

    By: John Guthrie - Jan 09th, 2023

    VERY is pleased to begin the winter season with Death Show, a special compilation exploring how death reveals itself as both an unspoken subtext and conscious motif in the work of ten artists. Employing diverse mediums, these artists express the material and existential implications of the force that affects all.

  • Boston Symphony Orchestra

    Three Programs Conducted by Andris Nelsons

    By: BSO - Jan 09th, 2023

    Thursday, January 26, 7:30 p.m.; Friday, January 27, 1:30 p.m.; Saturday, January 28, 8 p.m. Andris Nelsons leads the world premiere of American composer/guitarist Steven Mackey's Concerto for Curved Space, a BSO co-commission (Thursday and Saturday concerts only). Mackey's style embraces influences ranging from Beethoven to modern rock.

  • Celebrating Mike Schiffer

    Jazz in the Berkshires

    By: Jazz - Jan 07th, 2023

    He’s been making jazz, and nurturing young jazz artists, for more than 50 years, and it’s about time we paid tribute to Mike Schiffer. At the age of 93, he is still playing local gigs. But this time, on Sunday afternoon, Jan. 29 (4pm), he’ll be in the audience with the rest of us lucky jazz followers.

  • Winter Theatre at Barrington Stage Company

    12th Annual 10X10 New Play Festival

    By: Barrington - Jan 06th, 2023

    Barrington Stage Company (BSC),  announces the 10-minute plays, playwrights and casting for the 12th Annual 10X10 New Play Festival, part of the 2023 10X10 Upstreet Arts Festival. Performances February 17 through March 5, 2023.

  • Some Like It Hot on Broadway

    Billy Wilder Comedy Now a Musical

    By: Karen Isaacs - Jan 06th, 2023

    Some Like It Hot is fun, tuneful and worth spending Broadway prices to see. Is the musical really an adaptation of the classic slapstick, Billy Wilder comedy?

  • Aladdin

    Equity National Tour In Miami

    By: Aaron Krause - Jan 06th, 2023

    A vibrant equity national touring production of "Aladdin" is playing in Miami through Sunday. "Aladdin" offers a feast for the eyes. The popular musical's basis is a 1992 animated film, which an ancient folktale inspired.

  • Clark Art Institute Free Concerts

    I/O Fest with Williams College Department of Music

    By: Clark - Jan 04th, 2023

    The Clark Art Institute hosts three free events as part of I/O Fest, the Williams College Department of Music’s annual immersion in the music of today. Students in the music program take audiences on a tour of new sounds and adventurous music during a concert for families on January 15.

  • Marjorie Minkin to Exhibit Opacity/Translucency

    Atrium gallery at the Moakley Federal Courthouse

    By: Marjorie Minkin - Jan 04th, 2023

    The artist Marjorie Minkin divides time between Boston and the Eclipse Mill in North Adams. Her Lexans have been shown in galleries and museums in MA, NYC, LA, Michigan, Canada, France, Belgium, Germany and Seoul. This is the first time a solo installation will be shown in Boston.  The work will be exhibited in the Atrium gallery at the Moakley Federal Courthouse in Boston from January 5th through March 30th, 2023.

  • The Best of 2022

    Theatre in Connecticut

    By: Karen Isaacs - Jan 04th, 2023

    Here’s my list of the best Connecticut productions I saw this year. Instead of ranking them, I’ve just listed what I found particularly noteworthy.

  • Arnold Trachtman: On the Town

    Childs Gallery

    By: Childs - Jan 03rd, 2023

    The works in On the Town celebrate city life and community, illuminating a Boston area of the past through the vision of one of its more unique residents. Arnold Trachtman’s paintings tell stories and reveal an artist as deeply invested in his neighborhood as it was in him.  

  • Sardinia 2022

      Tracking Brill Family History 

    By: Ralph Brill - Jan 03rd, 2023

    Around Six years ago, I signed up for the National Geographic Family History DNA Test.  For around $125, I received a Cheek Swab Kit and some paperwork.  I was instructed to reveal nothing more than my Name and Age.  A few weeks later, I received a box which included a Printed Brill Family History based solely on the DNA I presented.  The National Geographic Report let me know that I am Jewish and that my Father’s Family started in the Middle East and traveled to Sicily around a thousand years ago. 

  • Connected Spaces: Cheryl Ann Thomas & Michael F. Rohde

    At Gallery NAGA

    By: NAGA - Jan 03rd, 2023

    Gallery NAGA welcomes 2023 with a selection of works by two artists, Cheryl Ann Thomas and Michael F. Rohde, in a feat of interdisciplinary collaboration. This exhibition was first organized by the American Museum of Ceramic Art in Pomona California and curated by Jo Lauria, Adjunct Curator for the American Museum of Ceramic Art and a design historian based in Los Angeles, California. 

  • Peter Gelb Announces Cut Backs at Met Opera

    General Manager Only One Surprised by Ticket Sales

    By: Susan Hall - Dec 28th, 2022

    It comes as a surprise to noone who attends Met Operas that the House is in trouble. Only Peter Gelb, who at first said that people were asleep after Covid, seems to find the Met Opera's failure to sell tickets news. His response is also odd. The operas he proposes to produce to cure are chamber operas unsuited to an opera house too large for our times.

  • Dear Suzanne By Eve Rifkah

    19th Century French Artist and Model

    By: Charles Giuliano - Dec 28th, 2022

    Her father, an artist, took the poet Eve Rifkah to the Museum of Fine Arts. There the young girl became intrigued by Suzanna Valadon the model for Renoir's stunning Bal a Bougival. She has written a book of verse comprising conversations with and about herself and the legendary artist/ model. Our paths crossed at Manship Artists Residency.

  • Gloucester Encounters: Essays on the Cultural History of the City 1623-2023

    Four Hundred Plus Years

    By: Charles Giuliano - Dec 24th, 2022

    With the 2022 publication of Gloucester Encounters: Essays on the Cultural History of the City 1623-2023, edited by Martin Ray, we have a kick start launch of a year of commemoration in 2023. Originally planned for six writers it was expanded to 36 by editor Martin Ray. It reads like a pot luck supper with savory chapters as well as many not so. But you won't leave it feeling hungry for Gloucester.  

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