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  • Jeanne Renaud (1928 - 2022)

    Montreal Artist and Choreographer

    By: Claude Gosselin - Sep 16th, 2022

    Jeanne Renaud the Montreal artist, dancer and choreographer has passed away at 94. She created choreography for the film Brèves histoires de pierres muettes (2018) and le Projet Feldman/Renaud à la Salle Bourgie in 2021, with the dancers Louise Bédard and Marc Boivin.

  • Close Encounters Announces a New Season

    Treasures in the Berkshires

    By: Susan Hall - Sep 14th, 2022

    Close encounters with music is an innovative and captivating presenter of music. Sublime chamber music concerts are enhanced by entertaining, erudite, and lively commentary by artistic director Yehuda Hanani. Programs include international soloists, and intriguing themes.

  • The Marriage of Figaro

    produced by Opera San Jose

    By: Victor Cordell - Sep 13th, 2022

    Perhaps more than any other, “Marriage” is considered to be the finest comic opera ever written, if not the finest opera altogether. 

  • The Actors

    Renowned Playwright Ronnie Larsen's Latest Work.

    By: Aaron Krause - Sep 13th, 2022

    Renowned playwright Ronnie Larsen's latest play, The Actors, is wholesome enough for most ages. Many people know Larsen for his gay-themed, risque pieces. A fine production of The Actors is playing through Oct. 2 in an intimate theater in Southeast Florida, near Ft. Lauderdale.

  • Still LIfe by Emily Mann

    The Ancram Opera House

    By: Ancram - Sep 15th, 2022

    The Ancram Opera House, in collaboration with Playhouse Creatures Theatre Company, presents STILL LIFE,  by internationally renowned playwright, director and producer Emily Mann, and directed by Mann’s good friend and protegee, Jade King Carroll. The play is a searing and revealing documentary play about the immediate aftermath of the Vietnam conflict on a former marine, his wife, and mistress.

  • '62 Center at Williams College

    The 2022-2023 Season

    By: Williams - Sep 12th, 2022

    The ’62 Center for Theatre and Dance unveiled its live, in-person performances celebrating diverse and challenging theatre, music, and dance programming for the Williams College community and beyond.

  • Moulin Rouge! The Musical

    Presented by BroadwaySF

    By: Victor Cordell - Sep 12th, 2022

    The appeal of the show draws on the naughty titillation of the fin de siècle cabarets that emerged in the steamy Montmartre district of Paris, where the working set, bohemians, and the demi-monde (the upper class who go slumming), sat side-by-side.  The Moulin Rouge marked the spiritual epicenter, where the can-can was originated and danced by courtesans. 

  • This Much I Know

    Produced by Aurora Theatre Company

    By: Victor Cordell - Sep 10th, 2022

    Some observers of Jonathan Spector’s brilliant new play on cognitive illusion will unconsciously tap into the allegory of the persistence of Trumpism. Kudos to Director Josh Costello for the masterful orchestration of the many moving parts of this complex production.  It is remarkable that a world premiere night could go off so smoothly with such a multitude of ways it could go wrong. 

  • Bent

    Co-production of Controversial Play in South Florida

    By: Aaron Krause - Sep 06th, 2022

    The historical drama, "Bent" has stirred controversy for suggesting that Jewish people received less harsh treatment than homosexuals at the Dachau concentration camp. A solid co-production between Empire Stage and ArtBuzz Theatrics is playing in South Florida.

  • Daisy Press Sings Hildegard Von Bingen

    Angel's Share and Green-Wood Present

    By: Susan Hall - Sep 12th, 2022

    Death of Classical keeps classical music alive in unusual and inviting locations and attracts the curious who often are unfamiliar with this form of music. Collaborating with the Green-Wood Cemetery in the Angel’s Share series, the audience walked through the beautiful Brooklyn graveyard to its Catacombs for a mesmerizing presentation of songs by a twelfth century composer, herbalist and politician, Hildegard Von Bingen.

  • Deutsche Oper Presents Turnage

    Greek Outdoors in KoolAide Colors

    By: Susan Hall - Sep 06th, 2022

    Mark Anthony Turnage was very young when composer Hans Werner Henze asked him to create an opera for the first Munich Biennale Summer Festival. Turnage, already attracting attention for his musical language which draws on Miles Davis, Janácek and Stravinsky, had caught Henze’s ear.  Henze’s own work ranges in reference from serialism, atonality, Stravinsky, Italian music, Arabic music and jazz, as well as traditional schools of German composition. 

  • Ancram Opera House in Ancram, NY.

    2022 Fall Season

    By: Ancram - Sep 07th, 2022

    Co-Directors Jeffrey Mousseau and Paul Ricciardi are proud to announce the 2022 fall season at the Ancram Opera House in Ancram, NY. “We are excited to welcome audiences back to the Opera House for our fall season which includes a highly anticipated revival of Emily Mann’s Obie Award-winning documentary play, Still Life,” says Paul Ricciardi; with Jeffrey Mousseau adding, “the project extends an examination of war and its impact on all of us which we initiated last season with our acclaimed production of An Iliad.”

  • Free Concert at the Clark

    Sunday September 11 at 4PM

    By: Clark - Sep 08th, 2022

    Sunday, September 11, the Clark Art Institute continues its Locals at the Lunder Center series with a free concert by two-guitar duo Elkhorn, followed by local musical group Sound For. Presented in partnership with Belltower Records (North Adams, Massachusetts), the performance kicks off an upcoming series of live music events that feature new experimentations in sound, in conjunction with the changing of the seasons. The concert takes place at 4:15 pm on the Lunder Center’s Moltz Terrace. In the event of inclement weather, the event moves to the Clark’s auditorium.

  • Arnold Printworks of North Adams

    Dolls Faithfully Reproduced by Ralph Brill Gallery

    By: Ralph Brill - Sep 03rd, 2022

    Celia Smith and her sister-in-law Charity Smith had been sending letters to the Arnold Print Works requesting a meeting for their New Idea – Printed Cloth Dolls.  They never received a reply, so with a Sample Doll in hand, they made the trip to North Adams in 1890, but were turned away at the door. Initially the dolls were hand made with cloth scraps. They caught on and sold well. Arnold Print Works agreed to Buy the Partners’ Patented Designs. Royalties were10 Cents per Printed Fabric Yard.  In the 1892 Holiday Season, 200,000 Doll Sheets were Sold.

  • Les Automatistes, de la période de 1939 à 1955

    Le Centre international d’art contemporain de Montréal

    By: Claude Gosselin - Sep 06th, 2022

    The group comprised 16 artists of whom nine were men and seven women. They were Magdeleine Arbour, Marcel Barbeau, Paul-Émile Borduas, Bruno Cormier, Marcelle Ferron, Claude Gauvreau, Pierre Gauvreau, Muriel Guilbault, Fernand Leduc, Françoise Lespérance-Riopelle, Jean-Paul Mousseau, Maurice Perron, Louise Renaud, Thérèse Renaud, Jean Paul Riopelle, and Françoise Sullivan.

  • Picking Grapes in Alsace

    Memories of France in the 1970s

    By: Martin Mugar - Sep 04th, 2022

    Charles Giuliano's sister Pip's youthful travels in Asia bring back memories of France in the 70's and my interface with Weltschmer

  • Xanadu the Musical

    Produced by San Jose Playhouse

    By: Victor Cordell - Sep 01st, 2022

    What makes “Xanadu” fun is its light-heartedness and tongue-in-cheek humor based on ridiculously unrealistic happenings.  It’s camp.  It’s kitschy.  It’ll make you smile a lot and laugh out loud

  • Ed Stitt: Larz and the City

    Gallery Naga

    By: NAGA - Sep 01st, 2022

     Ed Stitt lives close to Larz Anderson Park, a landscaped and wooded 64-acre parkland in Brookline and it has lately become his personal playground.  Stitt’s new painting exhibition trumpets the exquisite sweeping slopes, expansive lawns, and magnificent trees that comprise the park.  As if this weren’t enough, it also offers expansive views of downtown Boston.

  • Dance in August, Berlin

    34th International Dance Festival

    By: Angelika Jansen - Aug 29th, 2022

    The 34th edition of the International Dance Festival in Berlin has drawn to a close. From August 5th-27th, 2022, Hebbel am Ufer (HAU) showcased in 10 locations throughout Berlin and with 21 productions what is good, new, and exciting in contemporary dance worldwide.

  • 4000 Miles by Amy Herzog

    Westport Country Playhouse

    By: Karen Isaacs - Sep 01st, 2022

    The play by Amy Herzog focuses on the relationship between a nonagenarian grandmother and her adult grandson. Neither fits the stereotypical mold. Then director David Kennedy selected Mia Dillon to play the grandmother and Clay Singer, the grandson. Almost perfect.

  • Fire and Ice Sculpture by Natalie Tyler

    Berkshire Artist-in-Residence at Chesterwood

    By: Chesterwood - Aug 30th, 2022

    In the historic apple orchard there will be a free artist's talk and reception on Friday, September 2nd from 5:00 to 7:00pm at Chesterwood,  4 Williamsville Road, Stockbridge, MA.

  • Duplin’s Grape Stomp

    Returns After Two Year Hiatus

    By: Duplin - Aug 31st, 2022

    Duplin’s Grape Stomp returns after a two-year hiatus -- bigger than ever! A jamming concert, plenty of wine from the world’s largest muscadine winery and a chance to taste the family-owned winery’s new, top-secret Christmas wine are just some of the reasons to attend.  

  • Chopin in Paris by Hershey Felder

    TheatreWorks Silicon Valley

    By: Victor Cordell - Aug 27th, 2022

    Hershey Felder currently plays “Chopin in Paris.”  The great 19th century Romantic composer and pianist may hold special significance to the current imitator, as the living one is also of Polish extraction, though via Canada.  The presentation holds to Felder’s usual high standards and wins praise from audiences.

  • Waiting for Godot at Barrington Stage

    Waiting and Waiting and Waiting

    By: Charles Giuliano - Aug 25th, 2022

    We waited for two and a half hours but Godot never showed up. Barrington Stage has gamely taken on an avant-garde masterpiece with mixed success.

  • Oklahoma

    At the Golden Gate Theatre,

    By: Victor Cordell - Aug 25th, 2022

    Broadway saw this musical revitalized in an edgy form in 2019.  That production, directed by Daniel Fish, won a Tony for “Best Revival of a Musical” and is currently touring. The production is noted for other departures from the past.  In keeping with the edginess of the new look, Act 2 opens like an acid rock concert.  With a thick manufactured fog covering the stage, an instrumental medley blasts with deafening, dissonant distortion leading into the famous dream sequence dance.

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