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  • Basil Twist Alights in Versailles

    Les Arts Florissants Returns An Opera to its Origins

    By: Susan Hall - Jun 07th, 2022

    Jean-Joseph de Mondonville’s Titon et l'Aurore returns to Versaille. It is a pastorale heroique opera in three acts with a prologue. Inspired by Madame De Pompadour, it was first performed at the Académie Royale de Musique in Paris in January 1753.

  • San Antonio’s Young Women’s Leadership Academy

    Tried to Deny Afro-Indigneous Senior, Kayla Price Graduation Ceremony

    By: Fossil Free Media - Jun 07th, 2022

    On Friday June 3rd, the Dean of Schools and Principal at San Antonio’s Young Women’s Leadership Academy tried to deny Afro-Indigneous senior, Kayla Price, from walking in her ceremony because of the eagle feather beaded onto her graduation cap. The Young Women’s Leadership Academy (YWLA), part of the San Antonio Independent School District, ranks in the top 20 high schools in the United States. Per their Non-discrimination Statement,

  • McConnia Chesser Narrates An Iliad at S&Co.

    Was the War Fought in Troy or Pittsfield

    By: Charles Giuliano - Jun 06th, 2022

    Following an all too familiar trend the playwrights, Lisa Peterson and Denis O’Hare, have rewritten the iconic epic poem The Iliad, to the here and now. In the one act play McConnia Chesser compresses a ten year war into 110 minutes. It's a daunting task that exhausts the performer and her audience.

  •  Belfast Girls by Jaki McCarrick

    Irish Repertory Theatre

    By: Edward Rubin - Jun 06th, 2022

    Belfast Girls, the Irish Rep’s current play by Jaki McCarrick is a sure-fire winner. Though all of the play’s action takes place on the transport ship Inchinnan in 1848 bound for Australia, the majority of the two act, 12-scene play with one intermission, takes place in a small, cramped, and windowless 5-bunk bed cabin in the ship’s steerage, and to a lesser degree on the ship’s deck where the girls can be seen contemplating their future.  

  • The Pajama Game

    Produced by 42nd Street Moon at the Gateway Theatre

    By: Victor Cordell - Jun 06th, 2022

    Although “The Pajama Game” may not come across as an expressly political play, it was written when over 300 entertainers were still blacklisted as a result of House Un-American Activities Committee investigations.  The central clash is certainly a classic between capital and labor.  “Old Man” Hasler, the factory head, is played unsympathetically for his dishonesty and for his rigid rejection of a workers’ raise when the factory is doing extremely well.

  • Queen by Madhuri Shekar

    At Long Wharf

    By: Karen Isaacs - Jun 04th, 2022

    I wasn’t sure what to expect from this work by Madhuri Shekar and produced in partnership with the National Asian American Theater Company’s project. But I found it an engrossing, if not always totally motivated work.

  • Funny Girl at the August Wilson Theater

    Beanie Feldstein Disappoints

    By: Karen Isaacs - Jun 03rd, 2022

    Fanny Brice – the real-like comedian who is the title character – had that quality. Unfortunately, while Beanie Feldstein is talented and tries hard – she doesn’t.

  • Ntozake Shange's For Colored Girls on Broadway

    Poet's Language Dances

    By: Susan Hall - Jun 02nd, 2022

    Ntozake Shange began developing poems on the West Coast as a spoken word artist.  She speaks to girls who are maturing into women. Black girls, yes. Yet white girls understand her too.  What did words mean to Shange? Her sister Ifa Bayeza describes it best. They dance off the page with flourish and drama and beauty.

  • Beehive: the ‘60s Musical

    Produced by Center REPertory

    By: Victor Cordell - Jun 04th, 2022

    In an implicit nod to the growing marijuana and hallucinogenic drug culture of the decade, David Crosby famously said that if you can remember the ‘60s, you weren’t there.  Fortunately, for most of us who lived through it, that is a canard. 

  • Cats With Music by Andrew Lloyd Weber

    Produced by Troika Entertainment, at Golden Gate Theatre

    By: Victor Cordell - Jun 03rd, 2022

    Who could predict that such a musical would set performance records for both the West End (21 years) and Broadway (a mere 18 years)?  But innovation doesn’t put butts in seats.  So, what propelled “Cats” to immortal fame?

  • Paradise Square, the Musical

    Up for ten Tony Awards

    By: Rachel de Aragon - Jun 03rd, 2022

    Paradise Square directed by Moises Kaufman with choreography by Bill T. Jones, is an exuberant, refreshing and intelligent presentation of a significant moment in our history.  It has been nominated for ten Tony awards, among them best musical, best choreography by Bill T. Jones and best actress in a musical,  Joaqulna Kalukango.

  • The Sound Inside by Adam Rapp

    Produced by Marin Theatre Company

    By: Victor Cordell - Jun 03rd, 2022

    A relationship staple in the catalog of dramatic themes is that of professor and student.  Traditionally, the professor is a man who takes sexual or emotional advantage of a female student, but that formula has diversified in recent decades.

  • Jesus Christ Superstar

    50th Anniversary Rouring Production

    By: Aaron Krause - Jun 02nd, 2022

    The Olivier Award-winning 50th anniversary production of Jesus Christ Superstar is playing in Miami. The production originated at London’s Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre. At the center of the production is a very human Jesus.

  • Zoey’s PERFECT Wedding

    TheaterWorks in Hartford

    By: Karen Isaacs - Jun 03rd, 2022

    Zoey’s PERFECT Wedding now playing at TheaterWorks in Hartford looks at what happens when the “perfect” part of the wedding doesn’t happen. Playwright Matthew López has combined humor (some farce, some slapstick) with an insightful understanding of our need for human connection and love.

  • MASS MoCA Business Opportunity

    Call for Proposals

    By: MOCA - Jun 01st, 2022

    MASS MoCA is inviting concepts for the old Sprague Electric Company guardhouse at the main entrance of the MASS MoCA campus located on Marshall Street in North Adams, MA.  

  • Williams College Museum of Art Expands

    SO-IL Architects Selected

    By: WCMA - Jun 01st, 2022

    SO-IL architects selected to design the first stand-alone building for the Williams College Museum of Art. New facility for teaching, collections, exhibitions and programs will transform the museum’s engagement with the campus, the Williamstown community and the Berkshires cultural region.

  • Portland Museum of Art to Expand

    Launches Design Competition

    By: PMA - Jun 01st, 2022

    The Portland Museum of Art, together with the leading independent architect selection firm Dovetail Design Strategists, announced today the launch of an international design competition for its campus unification and expansion.

  • The Quality of Life by Jane Anderson

    Produced by Altarena Playhous

    By: Victor Cordell - May 31st, 2022

    Jane Anderson’s “The Quality of Life” depicts this schism within a family, and it feels even more pertinent today than at its premiere in 2007.  How “today” are family rifts resulting from moral/religious differences as well as the loss of virtually all material possessions due to a California home being consumed by wildfire?

  • Jane Hudson Paintings: Spirit/ Nature

    David & Joyce Milne Public Library

    By: MPL - May 29th, 2022

    Jane Hudson is showing works from a series begun in the dead of winter. These ‘orb’ images speak to various states of mind, cosmic influence and radiant energy. As the winter has led beyond the darkness of space, the source of all our inspiration, and turns to another ratio of light to dark, and the emergence of Sunlight, growth and the fruitful hope of Spring on the Earth.   

  • Shakespeare & Company Stages An Iliad

    MaConnia Chesser as The Poet.

    By: S&Co - May 27th, 2022

    Adapted from an acclaimed translation by Robert Fagles, An Iliad refreshes Homer’s world classic and transforms the epic poem into a riveting account of the Trojan War, told in the present-time complete with nods to modern-day events.

  • Hat Matter: Thoughts of a Black Mad Hatter

    By Michael Wayne Turner III

    By: Victor Cordell - May 28th, 2022

    On a line-by-line basis, the text of “Hat Matter:…” is dramatic and compelling.  Audiences will find much to cheer and reflect upon.  Some tracts may seem stream of consciousness and disjointed, but overall, the language is colorful and riveting, and the thoughts are profound. “

  • Faerie Festival Returns on June 18

    North Adams Event Honors Phil Sellers

    By: Charles Giuliano - May 27th, 2022

    Artist activist, Phil Sellers and his wife Gail were part of the team behind the Faerie Festival in North Adams. He passed away in July 2020. After a hiatus The Faerie Festival is revised in his honor on June 18 from 10 AM to 10 PM.

  • Six Artists in Above Us Only Sky

    Atrium Gallery of Boston's Moakley Courthouse

    By: Erica H. Adams - May 27th, 2022

    Six Boston-based artists in Above Us Only Sky speak about the infinite and euphoria in dark times. Romantic hopeful dream-like paintings elevate while embracing the light and lightness via stellar cascades; avian night-flight and starlike bouquets; a luminous energy field; the legacy of passion; meditation and a flow state; community and seeking new worlds.

  • Fredric T. Schneider Gift to Peabody Essex Museum

    Major Collection of Japanese cloisonne enamel

    By: PEM - May 26th, 2022

    “The gift to PEM of Fredric Schneider’s comprehensive collection establishes the museum as an international center for the study and appreciation of Japanese cloisonné enamel. His carefully-curated gift also includes collections of ephemera, photographs, rare books, interviews with Japanese specialists and other research materials, all of which will serve as tremendous resources for future scholars at PEM’s Phillips Library,” noted Karina H. Corrigan,

  • The Drag at Provincetown Theatre

    Banned on Broadway in 1927 Now a Smash

    By: PT - May 26th, 2022

    Heading into Memorial Day weekend after our smashing opening of Mae West’s 1927 banned-from-Broadway The Drag, the tickets are selling quickly, and the raves are pouring in…

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