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A cultural critic and writer, Astrid grew up after WW II in Hamburg, Germany, and emigrated to the United States in the 1960s. She was formerly the assistant director (Administrative Officer) of the Center for Advanced Visual Studies at MIT under Otto Piene, with whom she has worked in the past several years editing, translating, and researching for a major book about his life and career. While at The Center she knew and worked with many multi-media artists. In addition to professional work as an editor and translator she is also a poet, and writer of fiction. Most of her written work is accompanied by her own photographs.

Recent Articles:

  • Baskets and Bowls ~ A Collection Front Page

    Also at BAM Museum, North Adams, MA

    By: Astrid Hiemer - Jul 25th, 2022

    This article extends a photo/word installation at the Berkshire Art Museum, North Adams, MA. The installation can be seen at BAM until October 2022 as part of the exhibition 'Artists of the Thursday Chinese Dinner Group,' where 27 are participating. The museum's primary reason is to show Eric Rudd's oeuvre of sculptures created during 50 years. Both, the permanent and temporary shows are well worth a visit!

  • 2022 Berkshire Mountains Faerie Festival, Adams, MA Front Page

    Return After Three Years

    By: Astrid Hiemer - Jun 20th, 2022

    Last Saturday marked the return of the Berkshire Mountains Faerie Festival after three years, the fifth celebration since 2016. Cold weather and stormy winds could not keep away faeries and fair minded goblins from near and far.

  • Rabatt, Maxim Gorki Theater, Berlin Front Page

    A Serious Issue as a Farce

    By: Angelika Jansen - Apr 15th, 2022

    Rabatt (discount), the newest production at the Gorki Theater in Berlin is a hilarious farce about a very serious issue – the burials of poor people in the world of the well to do.

  • Berliner Ensemble, Berlin Front Page

    God Is Not Bashful

    By: Angelika Jansen - Apr 05th, 2022

    Gott Ist Nicht Schuechtern (God is not bashful) received its re-opening at the New Stage of the Berliner Ensemble in Berlin at the end of March 2022. It is now more appropriate with the war raging in Ukraine.

  • Tanzplattform, HAU, Berlin, Germany Front Page

    Hebbel am Ufer (HAU) hosts dance again

    By: Angelika Jansen - Mar 22nd, 2022

    Berlin is dancing again, despite the rumblings of war from the Ukraine. Despite this horrible situation Germany tries to keep going. Against all odds, the Tanzplattform Deutschland returned in 2022.

  • Lyudmila Dakhova, Artist In Ukraine Front Page

    She is still making art now…

    By: Astrid Hiemer - Mar 16th, 2022

    Lyudmila Dakhova wrote in a message to us just a few days ago: "Art is civilization." And when we watch the news, Lyudmila is never far from our thoughts.

  •      Schwanda at Komische Oper, Berlin Front Page

    The Bagpipe Player

    By: Angelika Jansen - Mar 07th, 2022

    After a slow opening in Praha, Czech Republic, in 1927  Schwanda, der Dudelsackpfeifer (Schwanda, the bagpipe player) by Jaromir Weinberger turned into a huge success around the Western World - and before Hitler came to power.

  • Queen Lear at Gorki Theater - Berlin, Germany Front Page

    A perhaps foreboding production for Europe/World

    By: Angelika Jansen - Feb 26th, 2022

    Everything is upside down in this production. A faint semblance to Shakespeare's King Lear remains as in a fever dream, or better yet as a trip beyond borders of human sanity.

  • 72nd Berlinale - Germany Front Page

    February 10-20, 2022

    By: Angelika Jansen - Feb 24th, 2022

    Chapeau! An amazing undertaking has drawn to a close in Berlin, Germany.  Amid still active Covid-19, Marietta Rissenbeek and Carlo Chatrian, the heads of the film festival Berlinale, brought about the 72nd international film festival in real time.

  • Side By Side   Front Page

    Curators, Sharon Carson and Betty Vera

    By: Astrid Hiemer - Feb 21st, 2022

    Writing about an exhibition or installation in poetic form is a first for me ~ come see!

  • Wellfleet Oysters on Sale in North Adams, MA Front Page

    All About Oysters

    By: Astrid Hiemer - Jan 22nd, 2022

    It’s known from coast to coast that Wellfleet Oysters are one of the best! When we saw the sign for Wellfleet Oysters for $ 0.99/each at our nearest grocery store, Big Y, in North Adams – we had to buy a dozen.

  • Invitation to a Cheese Tasting Lunch Food

    Have a Cheese Tasting - Not Wine Tasting

    By: Astrid Hiemer - Jan 10th, 2022

    Hey, it was Fun! And a special lunch as well. We invite you to hold your own cheese tasting and we will post your results on Berkshire Fine Arts as well....C'mon!

  • Ceramics, MASS MoCA, North Adams, MA Front Page

    In the Expanded Field

    By: Astrid Hiemer - Nov 02nd, 2021

    Ceramic art works and products have increased substantially in size and expression over the last ten or more years. The sky is the limit here at the current MoCA exhibition and the energy was palpable in the galleries during a rainy Saturday.

  • Die Dreigroschenoper at the Berliner Ensemble Front Page

    By Bertold Brecht, Music by Kurt Weill

    By: Angelika Jansen - Oct 19th, 2021

    It turned into a shocking success, the opening of the Dreigroschenoper (Three Penny Opera) in November 1928 at the Theater am Schiffbauerdamm in Berlin. Now, almost 100 years later, Bertolt Brecht's work with the music by Kurt Weill, is back at its original showing, now called the Berliner Ensemble at the Theater am Schiffbauerdamm in Berlin.

  • Mahagonny, Komische Oper, Berlin Front Page

    Rise and Fall of the City of Mahagonny

    By: Angelika Jansen - Oct 11th, 2021

    What startet 1930 as the first opera cooperation between the playwright Bertolt Brecht and the composer Kurt Weill may well turn out to be the last big opera in the 2021/22 season. Mahagonny is being presented at the Komische Oper Berlin with Barrie Kosky as director. 

  • Noorrrraaaaaaa  after Ibsen Front Page

    The Gorki Theater, Berlin

    By: Angelika Jansen - Sep 21st, 2021

    Just be aware. The premiere of Nora at Berlin's smallest theatre, The Gorki Theater, offers anything but the expected story line of Henrik Ibsen's famous 1879 play about a woman stepping out of a comfortable upper middle class family life to become independent.

  • Memories of Atrocities to Come – Front Page

    Published with Ref. to 9/11, WWII, and Today

    By: Astrid Hiemer - Sep 09th, 2021

    'Memories of Atrocities to Come:' Written at night, edited at daytime - published in remembrance of 9/11 - atrocities of WWII - and of today....

  • Collage Brain, by Lynn Gall Front Page

    Insights, Ideas, Inspiration

    By: Astrid Hiemer - Aug 24th, 2021

    Lynn Gall started working as a collagist more than 15 years ago.  First, while living in Bristol, in the United Kingdom, in a flat with very little space to call her studio; in fact, she had not much more than a desk and some storage space for her material. in 2019 she published in New York City a 269 page handbook with 120 full color images. She also makes a myriad of suggestions: 'how to create successful collages.'

  • Berlin, Tanz im August - 2021 Front Page

    Berliner Festspiele

    By: Angelika Jansen - Aug 23rd, 2021

    Tanz im August (no translation necessary) opened the way for live performances with and for the public after Covid-19 had stopped all cultural activities since late last year.

  • The Artist Erika Marquardt Front Page

    Born 1938 in Berlin, Germany. She died in 2021 in Newburyport, MA

    By: Astrid Hiemer - Jun 21st, 2021

    Erika Marquardt was an extraordinary woman, painter and artist. We were dear friends and I have followed her and Susan Erony's work since 1995. The rare collaboration between those two painters of more than 1000 small paintings ( 7"x10") lasted from 1998 to 2006. And they also collaborated on a large triptych. Altogether an amazing feat!

  • Berliner Festspiele: 58th Theatertreffen Front Page

    2021 Theatre Festival in Berlin

    By: Angelika Jansen - May 30th, 2021

    Berlin’s cultural life is slowly awakening.  One of the early highlights of this development was the 58th Theatertreffen (theatre festival) of the Berliner Festspiele from May 13 to May 24.

  • Berlinale 2021 Front Page

    A Virtual Berlin Film Festival

    By: Angelika Jansen - Mar 08th, 2021

    The winners of the Virtual Berlinale, 2021, have received their Golden and Silver Bears and will return to Berlin in June for the award ceremonies and, so the world hopes, for a public viewing of their films.

  • An Interactive Selfie Project, 2021 Front Page

    And a Short History of Selfies

    By: Astrid Hiemer - Jan 21st, 2021

    There was an email invitation recently for a Zoom workshop in the UK, where one could learn how to draw a self-portrait or, as it was advertised: 'Learn how to draw a selfie...' Our Interactive Selfie Project, 2021, has wonderfully spoken to very many participants. There are now 130 selfies or almost selfies, as I called it, concluding phase 3. And, in fact, the project may yet continue.... -- Also, please read the article. Many, who have taken part, also contributed thoughtful messages.

  • 5th EIBAB Book Art Biennial, 2020 Front Page

    And a Short History of Artists Books

    By: Astrid Hiemer - Nov 06th, 2020

    The Book as Art throughout the Centuries has led to a resurgence of artists creating Book Art in the time of eBooks. As an artistic discipline it has only been 70 years since its acceptance. The 5th European International Book Art Exhibition, 2020, celebrated the art form in the Karolyi Castle of Carei, Romania.

  • B3 2020, Hello Truths, Frankfurt/Germany Front Page

    And Silo Solos, Boston, MA

    By: Astrid Hiemer - Oct 07th, 2020

    The 2020 B3 Biennial in Frankfurt/Germany will open with 'Hello Truths, Extravaganza Virtuale' on October 9 in the US East Coast time zone @ 4 pm and in Frankfurt/Main @ 10 pm. The festival will be concluded after ten days on October 18. More than 100 artists from 23 countries will participate in an array of virtual events.

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