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  • Dorrance Dazzles at the Guggenheim Front Page

    Bringing the Art of Tap Dance to a Museum

    By: Deborah Heineman - Feb 19th, 2017

    Michelle Dorrance proves once again that the “Genius” award she received in 2015 for her tap-dancing brilliance (the same year as Lin-Manuel Miranda received his for “Hamilton”) is abundantly deserved!

  • Elektra is Galvanic Front Page

    Murder and Revenge without Intermission at the MET

    By: Deborah Heineman - Apr 23rd, 2016

    A remarkable non-stop performance by Nina Stemme – who never leaves the stage in this 110-minute production – sets the tone for a magnificent interpretation of Strauss’ devastating opera.

  • I Will Look Forward to This Later at New Ohio Front Page

    Both Funny and Tragic

    By: Deborah Heineman - Apr 11th, 2016

    When the famous and respected literary lion Wyatt Holloway suddenly passes away, his wife, sons and lovers are left to figure out how to relate to each other and find direction in their lives. “I Will Look Forward to This Later” will be playing at The New Ohio Theatre (154 Christopher St., NY, NY) through April 23.

  • No Vote for Votes Front Page

    Sequel to "The Last Temptation of William Jefferson"

    By: Deborah Heineman - Apr 08th, 2016

    Jacqueline S. Salit and Fred Newman’s new take on a Clinton Presidential candidacy struggles to define itself. Is it a play? A musical? A satire? A serious morality play? It ends with a distasteful and irresponsible message.

  • Blackbird Not Broadway-Worthy Front Page

    Disappointing Despite All-Star Cast

    By: Deborah Heineman - Mar 25th, 2016

    The combination of Michelle Williams (Una) and Jeff Daniels (Ray) should have been Broadway gold. When the curtain went down at the Belasco Theatre my companion’s comment was “well there was a whole lot of garbage on the stage.” Indeed the entire play takes place in a lunchroom strewn with leftover food wrappers and empty paper cups. For a play about the damaging relationship between a 40+ man and the woman he had sex with when she was a girl of 14, there were no surprises and little character development. The play was a disappointment given such a potentially explosive topic and talented cast.

  • Big Year for Bill Russell, One of Broadway's Best! Front Page

    BCEFA Benefit Premieres an Exciting 2016 for Lyricist Russell

    By: Deborah Heineman - Mar 25th, 2016

    Writer/Lyricist Bill Russell has brought us some of the best of on and off Broadway – yet many do not recognize his name. Creator of the moving and critically acclaimed Side Show, Russell recently staged a benefit performance of Elegies for Angels, Punks and Raging Queens (for Broadway Cares Equity Fights AIDS) at the Birdland Jazz Club in NYC which was spectacular. 2016 will be a big year for Russell, with world premieres and revivals of three of his shows (Side Show, Pageant, and premieres of both Brave New World and Unexpected Joy) in London and across the U.S. from Cape Cod to the Carolina's and the Black Hills of South Dakota!

  • Beautiful Madama Butterfly at MET Opera Front Page

    Directed by Oscar Winner Anthony Minghella

    By: Deborah Heineman - Mar 20th, 2016

    The Metropolitan Opera’s performance of Madama Butterfly is a timeless classic with the ultimate tragic heroine. When coupled with dramatic direction by Anthony Minghella (Oscar winner for The English Patient) and modern, other worldly staging as this production is, the audience is spellbound for the full three + hours and more than a few could not hold back tears at the heart-wrenching end.

  • City of Glass is Sensational! Front Page

    Robert Honeywell Wows in Einhorn Adaptation of Auster Novel

    By: Deborah Heineman - Feb 24th, 2016

    Untitled Theater Company No. 61's presentation of "City of Glass" is outstanding theater, with a phenomenal performance by Robert Honeywell as Daniel Quinn -- the only speaking actor in this 95-minute-long play! "City of Glass" was adapted and directed by Edward Einhorn from the novel written by Paul Auster. Mateo Moreno (Silent Man) and Dina Rose Rivera (Silent Woman) are terrific in this dark and disturbing -- but also very funny -- theater "noir!" Composer/Musician Freddi Price is excellent as well.

  • Susan Vencl Presents Long Before Afterward Front Page

    Her Fourth Evening-Length Work at Graham Center, NYC

    By: Deborah Heineman - Feb 24th, 2016

    Jessica Ames, Tomomi Imai, Erin Pellecchia, Cristina Ramos and Jessica Ruddock dance together in Vencl’s new, four-part piece exploring the relationship between the past, present and future. Choreographed to a suite of nine expressionistic works by Arlene Sierra, “Long Before Afterward” debuted February 19 at the Graham Center of Contemporary Dance in NYC.

  • Superhero Clubhouse's Jupiter at La MaMa Front Page

    A Play About Power!

    By: Deborah Heineman - Feb 20th, 2016

    Jonathan Camuzeaux, Jeremy Pickard and Sarah Ellen Stephens deliver powerhouse performances in Jupiter – A Play (literally) about Power. Camuzeaux & Pickard are also responsible (respectively) for the music and script for this futuristic “what if” that explores the potential disasters that lie ahead if we continue to abuse the environment. Jupiter will be at La MaMa through February 28.

  • The Good Girl is Provocative Theatre Front Page

    Award Winner by Emilie Collyer

    By: Deborah Heineman - Feb 18th, 2016

    Melbourne Fringe Award-Winning “The Good Girl” by Emilie Collyer stars Leah Gabriel and Giacomo Baessato in a humorous but horrifying glimpse into a future with no human intimacy – just robo-sex encounters! Variation from the “program” can only create disaster! At the upstairs theatre at 59 E. 59 Theaters.

  • The Wedge Horse by Fault Line Theatre Front Page

    At NY's IATI Theater Mainstage

    By: Deborah Heineman - Feb 18th, 2016

    Ali Rose Dachis, Jorge Eliezer Chacon and Charlie Thurston star as three teens dealing with angst and loss in the doldrums of Long Island just after the tragedy of 9/11. Written by Nick Gandiello and directed by Aaron Rossini. "The Wedge Horse" has a limited run at IATI Theater Mainstage from January 29 – February 21.

  • Company XIV’s Adults-Only Snow White Front Page

    Outrageous Burlesque at NY's Minetta Lane Theatre

    By: Deborah Heineman - Feb 11th, 2016

    Company XIV has a World Premiere of adults-only Snow White at the Minetta Lane Theatre in NYC -- the third offering in a season of rowdy entertainment by Austin McCormick and the multi-talented cast.

  • Ann Liv Young's Elektra Has U.S. Premiere Front Page

    Unfortunately, My Favorite Part was the Pig

    By: Deborah Heineman - Jan 21st, 2016

    A pig is included in an avant-garde performance of Elektra Sophocles' classic story of murder, deception and revenge. The Amy Liv Young version of the Greek tragedy had its U.S. premiere at New York Live Arts.

  • Calderoni Performs MDLSX at La MaMa Front Page

    Alternative if Awesome

    By: Deborah Heineman - Jan 10th, 2016

    An Avant-garde multi-media production by Italy's Modus Company was featured at New York's La MaMa. It comprises a solo performance by Silvia Calderoni that combines dance, music and multimedia. It continues through January 17.

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